6.61.     AR AR

The truth does not require proof, because it is so simple and obvious that there is no doubt.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.17010.     AR AR

How can you prove that you are you?

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9.9806.     AR AR

If you want to prove something to someone, just ask the right questions and let the person prove everything to himself.

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10.4718. the Main question of Syntalism     AR AR

Truth   does   not   need   to   be   sought   or   proved.   Everything   is   the   truth.   Take   whatever   you   want,   it   will   be   the   truth.   Of   interest   is   the   proof   that   two   entities   that   seem   incompatible   and   different   are   actually   exactly   the   same.

Voorwoord: SD


10.4737.     AR AR

The problem with any dispute is that one of the parties (or both) focus on proving the opposite point of view false.  Ideally, it would be sufficient for each side to focus on proving its own point of view.

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10.4738.     AR AR

It is very easy to prove the falsity of any point of view.  Any point of view is false by definition.  Even three opposing points of view are false.  Truth arises when the whole system is set in motion.

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10.9618.     AR AR

The desire to prove that it was not right is pride.

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10.11526.     AR AR

Liars need proof.  These people show interest without love, they are clearly greedy.  Where there is no love, there is no faith, but there is fear, aggression, and lies.

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10.13969.     AR AR

"I don't believe you," the man says...  and they try to prove the truth to him.  "I believe you," and a person is told a lie, but miraculously that lie tries to be true.  Faith is love, and love is a form of truth, the content of which may well be the illusion of a lie.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.16947.     AR AR

I love, therefore I exist.  He who has no love does not exist, and the bottomless emptiness of his soul is proof of this.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.17376.     AR AR

It is not enough to believe, it is also desirable to prove what you believe.

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611.     AR AR

Sometimes  life  leads  us  in  labyrinths  only  to  prove  that: 
the  straight  path  is  shorter  than  any  other. 

Voorwoord: Muhortova Natalie


6.5.     AR AR

The truth is true even if it has no proof.  A lie is false, even if it's proven.  The evidence does not make the truth true or false.  However, the lie does not change its essence because if she has proof or not.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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