10.19906. Everything is perfect.     AR AR

The question of perfection is the question of a person's identity to the goal that he wants to realize.  The person is initially perfect and ideally suited for all their tasks.  However, if he comes up with a non-standard goal, he will have to redo himself for it and train.

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10.19907. You need to do your job well.     AR AR

The question of perfection is a question of those goals that a person realizes. Choosing a business, a person begins to train to do it well.

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10.19911.     AR AR

Perfection is a matter of specialization, and there is no limit to perfection.

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10.21504.     AR AR

Just because you think you're a genius doesn't make you better or worse than another person.  We live in a perfect world where everything is perfect.  Genius is just love, joy, purpose.  Genius is the star that gives when it is destroyed, or the Earth that takes and creates.  In any case, making idols of the sun, earth, or moon is a violation of the commandment "do not create an idol for yourself".

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10.21510.     AR AR


Since I became aware of myself as a bundle and climbed into the basket, the thought is rushing like a cornucopia.  The truth is joyous, the basket is good.  Of course, soon I will be eaten, but it will be later, and here and now can last indefinitely.


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10.21480. Insight of the mind.     AR AR

Genius is the ability to see the truth.  Truth is beauty, integrity, order, and joy.  The truth is an endless joy.  A genius can feel this joy in everything or where others can't see it.

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10.21370.     AR AR

I like to think of myself as a genius; moreover, I find it useful, because the form determines the content.  On the other hand, this is my personal opinion of myself, what other people think about it, I am not very interested.

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10.20329. Self-determination.     AR AR

I like to think of myself as a genius.  I want and count.  Reasonableness presupposes free will.  Intelligence is the ability to independently determine what to believe and consider true... what to love and consider beautiful.

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10.20003.     AR AR

The meaning of free will is that a person can determine their own purpose in life.  Having defined their goals and fallen in love with them, a person begins to learn them and learn, gradually rebuilding their internal structure for these goals.  As you achieve your identity and your purpose, your life will begin to change in the right direction.

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