10.3988.     AR AR

Relaxation is the ticket to heaven.  Tension breeds fear.  Wherever you go in fear, you will find hell.

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10.4784.     AR AR

What does pride look like? 
- The desire to control everything and the thirst for power.  At a constant voltage.  Paranoia, neurosis, schizophrenia and a lot of other nasty diseases.

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10.5466.     AR AR

The tension of all human life stems from the fact that a person tries to inhale the stomach.

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10.5468.     AR AR

Any business should be done in a relaxed way and without fear.  Tension leads to the exhaustion of desire and loss of motor energy.

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10.6452.     AR AR

People like honesty, but they don't like lies.  Be open and honest.  And you will be loved.  Lying is complex, it requires effort and energy.  Be simple and people will reach out to you.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.7012.     AR AR

The normal average level of Paradise is when the "three".  All that is above is already some kind of hemorrhoids and a lot of tension.

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10.7808. One incredibly hard second.     AR AR

The future is huge and very difficult.  You can't comprehend the future...  The tension of all your forces will be enough for exactly one moment Now.

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10.9082.     AR AR

Fear is tension, so the main dangers of fear are spasms, strokes, heart attacks, convulsions, increased excitability, like a bare wire, stomach ulcers, allergies, etc.

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10.9247.     AR AR

The truth is when there is no doubt and there is faith.  A person who tells the truth does not fuss, does not fidget, but clearly and calmly expresses his position.  The lie is heavy, it comes with some tension and anxiety... the Truth is easy, when you tell the truth, your soul becomes easy and joyful.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.9306.     AR AR

What is pleasure?  Relaxation after exertion.  One of the most important causes of phobias is the narcotic pleasure that a person experiences after an attack of fear or pain passes.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.9376. Paradox is life.     AR AR

The paradox leads to the accumulation of contradictions in the system.  An increase in voltage in the system generates a discharge-conflict.  Small local conflicts save the system from the big Bang and destruction.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.12511. The taste of salt on his lips.     AR AR

The physical exertion of attention helps to clear the mind.  It is useful to switch attention between different senses, including touch, sight, hearing, etc.

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10.12588.     AR AR

What is Pain?  Tension, lack of relaxation.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.13195.     AR AR

For a person to relax, they must laugh or cry...  this is where we need to stop.  If you don't stop, the tension will build up again.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.13552.     AR AR

Tension arises when you want to, but can't.  This tension is called fear.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.14612.     AR AR

In fact, you can do everything the same way as you did, but only a little more relaxed and without unnecessary heartache.  You strain, ... you are tormented by vanity, greed, fear, doubt, lust for power and lust.  You made up all your problems and you cry about them.

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10.16079.     AR AR

Most diseases in children have consequences of their parents ' fear.  Parents deprived of peace, living in tension, anger and fear infect their children with their mental illness, which their weak and tender bodies are not able to withstand.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.16087.     AR AR

Tossing between two extremes, one finds peace in the middle.  The peace of extremes is impossible, extremes are always tense.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.16113.     AR AR

Rest is a relaxation of tension.  Lack of rest creates an overstrain similar to a flood.  The flood leaves behind a swamp and a decline in strength.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.17708.     AR AR

Habit is a kind of channel, an easy and well-known way to pleasure and relieve tension.  You can always justify and build a bypass channel and let all the water through it.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.19228.     AR AR

Half-sleep is a tiresome thing.  You do something hard, get tired, and then it turns out that it was all a dream and all the effort is useless.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.21692.     AR AR

Pull up and stretch is very healthy, devote at least five minutes a day to it.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.21725. Lack of chaos.     AR AR

In fact, freedom is spontaneity and randomness, and freedom is joy.  If you have too little joy, allow yourself a little spontaneity sometimes.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


4.22.     AR AR

The   attempt   to   calculate   time   causes   tension   and   kills   joy.   If   you   want   to   be   happy,   you   should   stop   calculating   time.   Calculating   time   is   like   calculating   money   –   it   is   vulgar   and   trivial.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


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