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We come to unity through solitude.  Solitude is the path of perfection, and unity is possible only among the perfect.

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10.19186.     AR AR

Loneliness allows you to get out of the influence of temptations and vices, to buy time to get stronger and gain strength.

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5.1057. If you asked, do it now.     AR AR

Isolation does not mean negation. All this world is shades of white and even black is just a little white. By isolating yourself, you become a new shade of white, but that does not mean that there are those who are worse than you.

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He who obeys does not hear himself. The ears are his strange voice. Strange voice says its NOT me he Says listen to me, now you don't exist.

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4.565.     AR AR

Love thy neighbor, we are told. But middle middle hates and blame pride. Everything has form, has shape. If people are not restrained, they will lose shape and it will kill them. Pride breaks the boundaries and kill what we love.

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Humility of contradictions is a limitation of the thirst for power and the desire to change each other.  For the love of the unity of the whole, contradictions must  respect each other's right to exist.

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10.20803.     AR AR

Love your neighbor and accept him.  Let the person be themselves, have their own opinion and do what they want.

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10.20845.     AR AR

Personal borders need to be protected.  The devil is the one who guards the borders.  Anyone who crosses my borders awakens the devil in me.

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10.21696. Form is a process     AR AR

Punctuality and accuracy is respect for time and the boundaries of things.  All forms (processes)  the material world is limited by time.  When one process gets on top of another process - this is disrespect, aggression, rudeness... on the other hand, the less, the more, so the process that makes a bust, kills itself.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.21891.     AR AR

The point is that it is boundaries that create infinity.  When you are aware of the illusory and permeable boundaries, but you will respect them and understand why they are there, you will understand the infinite.  The borders need to preserve the integrity, the borders do not divide, but connect.  An entity without boundaries will instantly disintegrate and become nothing.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.22035. Love of time.     AR AR

To keep your schedule, you should love what you do.  The fact is that love is respect for other people's borders.  The boundaries of entities are defined by time.  It is impolite when one entity violates the boundaries of another.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.22046.     AR AR

Humility is respect for borders.  By giving up the struggle for borders, a person gains the ability to permeate through walls.

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10.22074.     AR AR

Limitation is an act of humility, which means love.  Respect for borders is love.  Faith is the edge of love.  Thus, for those who respect borders, it is possible to move through them.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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