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A good deed is a deed that has good in it.  Good is love.  Every thing that has love in it is good.  It is said, do not get tired of doing good.

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Serving vices, you crave pleasure.  Why don't you get pleasure from virtue?  Why do you crave a reward for your virtues, while the Goths pay for your vices?  Where is the justice?

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The devil is so false that, having deceived many virtues, he forced them to serve him.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Virtue is not a single act, but a system of skills and rituals.  Virtue is a system of principles.

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Virtuous things are very simple and trivial.  But evil always tries to seem better than it is.

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The main virtue is not to cause harm.  The main condition for non-harm is tolerance and love.  Anyone who causes suffering and violence harms.

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The more sinners there are, the cheaper the vices.  The cheaper the vices, the fewer virtuous people and the more expensive the virtues.

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You need to be aware of your shortcomings and love them, then you can gradually turn them into advantages.  If you deny and hate yourself – it will create an inferiority complex, fear, and a lot of problems.

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10.20212.     AR AR

Man is not light or darkness; man is the boundary between light and darkness.  The main virtue of the guardian of borders is impartiality, justice and service to the law.  The border simultaneously serves both light and dark, separating and connecting them.

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10.20218.     AR AR

Since man is a symbol of the law, his main virtues are honesty, clarity, justice, firmness, will, service to love and beauty…

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10.20565.     AR AR

Always bad  faster than good, because evil is always in a hurry, evil is overkill and haste.  Evil is pride and greed.  Good is slow and moderate.

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The wave system of human virtues and vices is such that virtues are always compensated by Vice.  First vices exalt a man, and then he loses fear and vices of pride cast him into the abyss.

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