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The image of the glass slipper in the fairy tale of Cinderella is a man's attempt to find a replacement for his ideal. However, the ideal illusory image is so far from real people that real women do not fit. The Prince runs from one woman to another, realizing with horror that this is not the case, and goes crazy for the escaped Cinderella.

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According to the Cinderella scenario, the Prince must first be charmed with a wonderful Platonic (you can have a little sex) love for the Princess, and then run away. And let the Prince, stupefied with love, then runs, kissing her footprints in the sand... and how to find, make an offer hands and hearts.

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The key moments of Cinderella's scenario are the perfect, time-limited illusion of a Princess in the first stage. In the second stage it is the preservation of distance and the accumulation of tension of unfulfilled desire. In the third stage, the ideal must be saved and captured.

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The essence of eternal joy is to support the glass illusion. You should cherish their illusions, avoiding rocks and undue attention. Remember Cinderella, illusions do not live long, so at any celebration of life the most important thing is to leave in time.

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6.2539. The neurotic Prince.     AR AR

In the image of Cinderella's the most important time to get away, because the perfect illusion of the Princess does not live long and you want the Prince fell in love with the ideal and have not time to give up, realizing that it is a lie. Therefore, charming the Prince, quickly, quickly run away... and then he let a long, long time running and looking for his ideal, going crazy and soaking love. For Cinderella in this scenario, the main thing to keep a distance, creating tension in the Prince. When this tension reaches its maximum, and the Prince, blinded by love, will see nothing but his illusion of an ideal, you need to quickly let him come to you... to show himself real and to gently hint that the Princess must be saved, for example, taking married.

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Lie  is  very  afraid  of  time  and  is  very  similar  to  Cinderella’s  carriage  because  it  turns  into  a  pumpkin  at  midnight.

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To paraphrase the Cinderella story. The image of the perfect Princess is a lie that can be maintained for a very short time. But if the enchanted Prince falls in love with this lie, then for a long time he will run like a fool in search of his ideal love.

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6.2538. The nature of love and relationships     AR AR

The Cinderella story is a story of neurosis and cognitive dissonance. The image of Cinderella can be viewed from the point of view of neurosis and the development of passionate love. The first stage is passion and love, when a perfect false image of the Princess is formed. At midnight, the illusion is shattered, the Princess disappears and the second stage of cognitive dissonance begins when Cinderella runs away in fear. Midnight is an image of sex or living together. In order not to break the illusion, try not to stay the night. Further, in the third stage of dissonance, Cinderella sits and waits for the Prince to find and save her. At this stage, Cinderella constantly thinks about the Prince, hoping that he will come and apologize, accept her real, not illusory. When the Prince finally smart enough to understand the situation, he'll find Cinderella, forgive her all the wrongs and take her real. At this point Cinderella in a fit of mad love given to the Prince of soul and they live happily ever after.

Interestingly, the Prince in this situation develops reverse neurosis. First, he forms a false ideal image, which he falls in love with. Then the image slips away, and the Prince long and tedious runs after him... Finding Cinderella, the Prince is so happy that he is ready to forgive her lies and inconsistency with the ideal, accepts her as she is, while feeling not her real, but her ideal.

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The religious prohibition of divorce protects not the Prince, but Cinderella. Because when the illusion breaks after the wedding and the Prince realizes that Cinderella is not a Princess, he will want to run away... but there would be nowhere to run. And later.

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By the way, the image of Cinderella can play not only a woman, but also a man. This scenario of neurotic love is essentially unisex.

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Cinderella is the female counterpart of Hercules. Incidentally, Hercules too, always dream of a Princess, to put their exploits for the sake of dreams about love... You remember that Hercules did not have his Princess, and became a victim of the furies. Both are very unhappy in your personal life, for love of illusion.

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A woman in a relationship can't just walk away. With other men she would be uncomfortable and anxious. Having quarreled with her man, she can like a Prince from Cinderella rush to seek her love, but it will not be that and it will not be so.

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Cinderella looks very harmonious with the Prince, but whether the Princess can get along with a chimney sweep or a shepherd we do not know... Although, why not?

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