10.5960.     AR AR

The world is a color movie, not a black off TV screen.  It is enough just to know that the TV can be turned off and on.  You can switch channels or even shoot your own movie.  And by the way, turning off the TV is not a problem.  Both turned on and off.  The point is not to achieve dissolution, but to know that a circle and a square are one and the same.  What a wonderful prove, for example, mathematics and the equation of squaring the circle.

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8.2483.2.   AR AR

The media creates an alternative reality, which then draws its viewers, gradually materializing it in the real world.  They release their fictional heroes and fictional plots into the real world, which then acquire objectivity here.

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10.10465. Truth is a movie.     AR AR

The easiest way to explain the concept of truth is to compare it with the concept of cinema.  Movies that look like the truth are interesting, dynamic, diverse, beautiful and original.  Different people like different movies.  Movies don't stand still.  It is impossible to exhaust the subject of cinema.  Cinema is a small life.

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10.10466. The perfect movie.     AR AR

Truth is a movie.  Movies that are made by idealists are usually black and white and negative or sugary-sweet, that is, dichotomous.  However, even idealists have different degrees of ideality, so movies with their participation are different.  As a rule, these are sharply contrasting or, on the contrary, cloying-monochrome plots, full of templates and stereotypes.  The main problem of idealists is the contrast (non-contrast) lack of halftones, rejection of novelty and originality...  many idealists generally prefer to look at a carpet or a single-color wall instead of a movie.

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10.10467.     AR AR

The typical idealist is a dot in love with an idol of its own form.  The idealist's mind cannot understand that his idol is just one of the characters in the film.  And even if the point realizes that the film is more important than the idol, it is even more difficult for the point to realize that there are thousands of films.  However, the most difficult thing for me to understand is that there are still viewers and their tastes that are changing.  Viewers are not ready to watch the same movies multiple times.  Mr. God, who contemplates human life, wants to watch different movies.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.10468. Everything is beauty and truth.     AR AR

Truth is a movie.  Idols are interesting actors, Directors, stories and genres.  The problem with idolaters is that when they fall in love with their idol, they believe that those they have not made their idols are somehow worse than those they have made.  Idolaters do not understand the principle of simultaneity.  One and the same movie for one person can be fine, and for another shit.  If you like the movie – it's true, and we'll agree with you.  But if you don't like something, we won't say anything, because it doesn't mean anything at all.  When you aggressively impose your idols on us, we will laugh and think about it, this man is clearly a fool and a proud man, we should avoid him.

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10.13583. The first game scenario.     AR AR

Intuitively, by default, people create game scenarios in order to increase their importance and raise their self-esteem.  People want to be asked.  People like to do favors and be good.

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10.13656. The order of this movement.     AR AR

A process is a script.  In fact, movement is an order and ritual, a sequence of actions according to a plan.  Lack of movement is disorder.

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10.13974. Wake up!     AR AR

Treat strong pleasure as a dream and an illusion.  That is, without too much fanaticism and stupid comparisons with reality.  Movies and dreams are illusions and lies, and reality is the truth.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.14190. Illuminated world.     AR AR

What drug addicts call a gray, bleak and terrible reality is the same lost Paradise that has faded against the background of an overdose of illusory pleasures.  "Give us more drugs," the addicts cry, " we don't want your squalid reality."  The real Paradise is unbearable for drug addicts and sees them as a cesspool of hellish suffering.  The problem with drug addicts is that they consider their illusions to be real, being unable to separate reality and cinema, tourism and immigration.

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10.15412.     AR AR

This world is ruled by Ideas.  Initially, ideas live in books, then from books they get into the heads, then in movies and videos, from there they are slightly curved back into the heads.

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10.15519.     AR AR

Don't be a slave to the script, try writing your own script.  It is not terrible that it does not work, ...  practice and everything will work out.

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10.18688. Beautiful movie.     AR AR

You   are   used   to   judging,   you   judge   black   or   white,   good   or   evil.   Those   who   are   smarter   still   know   such   words   as   normal   and   gray.   In   the   Variothoughts   books,   I   will   show   you   that,   first,   truth   is   a   wholeness   that   comes   from   a   variety   of   judgments,   and   second,   truth   is   a   kind   of   dynamic   color   entity,   like   a   movie.   We   will   look   at   all   phenomena   in   dynamics   and   diversity,   we   will   learn   to   see   beauty.   They   say   beauty   will   save   the   world,   I   love   beauty   ...   beauty   is   the   truth.   Truth   is   a   ball   that   can   be   viewed   from   hundreds   of   different   angles.

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10.20249.     AR AR

Don't care if it's just a realisation that everything is happening for real.  This is a game, a performance, a role and a script that can be changed or not changed if you want.  It doesn't matter.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.21700.     AR AR

Light is something that is invented and created by darkness.  Light is a fantasy and an ideal.  Light is a picture on TV, a dream of a sleeper.  There is no light... but there is you who deny yourself.  You are darkness, everything is darkness.  You were bored, you came up with his light, to rejoice.

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10.21757.     AR AR

Before you fall in love with the illusion of feelings or are afraid of them, try to compare this situation with the movie.  You're smart enough not to fall in love with movies and go crazy with horror movies, aren't you?  You should treat all your other emotions in the same way.

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