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Empathy   is   compassion   to   emotions.

Voorwoord: Sodmis


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A woman, finding a confident man, empathically perceiving his confidence, gets rid of her fears and falls into joy and euphoria.  But once a woman feels a man's fear, an ocean of darkness immediately descends on her and the magic ends.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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Empathy is a woman's feeling, because it makes a person run away from himself, makes him dependent on a stronger one.  It is empathy that makes women dependent on men.  A strong and courageous man is selfish and withdrawn.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.8007. Vicious circle.     AR AR


In order not to go crazy with fear and uncertainty, you should quickly discard all the negativity, killing or running away from it.  However, this removal of negativity deprives the mind of immunity and makes it even more tender and sensitive to fear.


Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.8008. Symbiotic system.     AR AR

In order for an empathic woman not to go crazy with fear and suspiciousness, she needs a courageous, self-centered, strong man who does not know fear.  A self-confident man will save a woman from fear and uncertainty, and a woman will inspire him and convey empathic information about the world around him.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.8010. A person who is happy to be around.     AR AR

When a man is narcissistic, self-confident, fearless, cold, fiercely masculine... all people who have empathy, and in particular women, fall into euphoric joy next to such a person.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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A woman feels fear empathically and is sensitive to fear.  And a man is insensitive and courageous, this protects him from fear.  In order for a woman not to go mad with fear, she needs an insensitive, self-confident man, and a man needs to trust his woman to get information about threats and trends in the outside world.  At the same time, a man should clearly understand that in General this information is exaggerated by an order of magnitude and it is not necessary to indulge all the fears and desires of his woman.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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The point of word of mouth is that women are very empathically sensitive to each other's emotions.  One woman easily transmits her delight and joy to another woman.  Everyone wants a little bit of joy, lacking all joy.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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We are taught to develop empathy and empathize with people.  The neighbor as will tell or will make heresy, so we at once in anger and swear.  And I say, you, before you think about yourself, think about your neighbor, ask him how he feels, sympathize with him...  and only then teach him life.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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When a man truly loves a woman, it kills the fear in him.  In the absence of fear, a man acquires the ability to grow and expand.  In the absence of fear, a man becomes courageous and joyful.  A woman's empathy allows her to feel what a man feels, and this fills her soul with delight.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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He is an empathic predator who rules by love, and his wife is dependent on this love and tries to control her drug.    Whenever she's not getting enough dose, she is a rebel and he quiets her with love.  However, he knows that addicts should not be given a lot of drugs, otherwise they will overdose and start hell.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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Are empaths emotional vampires who feed on other people's emotions?

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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Women's intuition is based on empathy and unconscious attention to small details. The instantaneous awareness of all this information by the subconscious generates a feeling of faith or disbelief, dangerous or not dangerous, solid or empty.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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Empathy is the ability to like.  The ability to feel justice.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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