10.22048. Gestalt is joyful.     AR AR

Integrity is the source of energy, integrity is the complete Gestalt.  Integrity is the achievement by a system of critical mass and the ability to divide within itself.

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10.10234. The here and now.     AR AR


The true completeness of the Gestalt is the daily acceptance of the world as it is and as it could be.  Completeness is the unity of illusion and reality.  Finality is the realization that everything is happening as it should.  Everything is going according to plan and it's fine.


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10.10222. The sun.     AR AR

To let go of your desire is to set your Gestalt free.  As long as you hold him, you hurt him, your desire to rule is pride.  The Gestalt is tearing, running from you.  But you can let it go and become just a source of heat, and then your Gestalt, running away, will freeze, and, having frozen, will return back to bask and create life.  The force of the sun's gravity is almost intangible, it is strong, but it does not enslave.

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10.10219.     AR AR

A lie is the destruction of the unity of the figure and the background.  A closed Gestalt generates a form of beauty, but it is a beauty generated by the illusions of the mind.  It is ignorance to believe that anything outside of your favorite form is ugly.  Being is a blank sheet within which you can draw any shapes, these shapes can intersect... can add up to puzzles and form more complex shapes and drawings.

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10.10221.     AR AR

It is not necessary to pray to your Gestalt.  Yes, Gestalt is a beauty and a source of energy...  but this does not mean that there is hunger, scorched desert and ugliness around.  You can turn any point into your Gestalt and make it an infinite source of energy.

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10.22272. Trust and distrust.     AR AR

Why do we want to close the Gestalt and reach completion?  What is it?  Pride?  Lust for power?  The problem is, what exactly do you expect from uncertainty?  If you see useful opportunities in uncertainty – this is one situation, and if you see negative and problems – this is quite another.

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4.2251.     AR AR

The point of Gestalt is to focus on the present and not be afraid of the future.

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