10.20849. I have been forgiven, and I will forgive you.     AR AR

Love is forgiveness, we should forgive people their imperfections, and then our imperfections will be forgiven us.  When we forgive, we deserve to be forgiven ourselves, and we have more than enough sins, as you remember.

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10.20850.     AR AR

To love is to forgive, not to forgive is not to love.  You don't have to deal with someone who doesn't love you.  Therefore, if a person does not forgive you your sins, then you do not need him.  What does it mean to forgive sins?  Accept a person as they are.  Don't try to aggressively change or enslave a person.

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10.20851.     AR AR

To forgive a man his sins is to love the truth, for the truth is reality.  To love a person as they are is true love.  To love an ideal person, whatever he might be, is pride.

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10.20852.     AR AR

You can only love a person if you love yourself.  When you love yourself, you accept yourself as you are and forgive yourself for your imperfections.  If you forgive yourself, you can forgive others.  Otherwise, you will begin to despise the imperfections in other people, elevating yourself above them.

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10.20870.     AR AR

What does it mean to forgive or not to forgive…  There is a wild, predatory wolf, and it is not my business to judge it.  I can lock him up, I can shoot him, I can chain him up, I can let him go ... but I won't judge him or forgive him.  The reasons for my decision regarding the wolf will be purely rational.

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10.20871.     AR AR

What is forgiveness?  Is not this forgiveness a facet of judgment?  When we forgive, do we not tell the bad that it is good?  Isn't that pride?

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10.20873.     AR AR

When you judge, you judge yourself, when you refrain from judging, you save yourself.  When you forgive, some of your sins are forgiven.

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10.20874.     AR AR

The act should be condemned, but not the person.  A person is not subject to trial.

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10.20974.     AR AR

Script " love me black»  allows a woman to understand whether her man has at least a little bit of real love, which is characterized by patience, courage, wisdom and calm.

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10.20981.     AR AR

Your unwillingness to pay for your sins only increases your suffering.  Remember, it is one thing for you to have nothing to pay for your sins, and quite another for your pride to interfere with your repentance.  God is merciful and forgives those who have nothing to pay, but those who do not want to pay will be punished terribly.

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10.21108.     AR AR

To the one who asks for forgiveness, say, God is your judge, and I am not a God to judge.  Tell him if you want to do good, and if you don't want to, go away.  The act of faith is what you do, not what you think, say, or intend to do.

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10.21109.     AR AR

The devil is the one who is perfect and sinless.  A person is someone who does not throw stones, someone who is not angry, someone who is honest and knows that he is imperfect.  A man can forgive, but the devil can't.  The devil is the one who threw a stone at a woman when  Jesus said, " if any of you are without sin, first throw a stone at her."

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10.21173.     AR AR

The essence of grace, love, and insight  Jesus saw beauty and hope in everything.  Jesus denied love, beauty, hope, salvation, and faith to no one.

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10.21942. Forgiveness of sins.     AR AR

Be simple – it means to forgive yourself and people their shortcomings and deviations from perfection.  The simplicity of this tolerance.  Forgiveness of sins and imperfections is tolerance.

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