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He said do it.  You can do anything you want.  You can do everything you love if you don't betray your love.


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10.20594. Trust your love.     AR AR

An idea is a metaphor for beauty, a symbol  God.  Don't be afraid to serve your ideas.  The idea of human hands creates itself in the real world.  The idea is love, a source of infinite energy and power.  A person who loves his idea is always able to implement it.

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The load becomes light if you carry it with humility.

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The less hope, the better, because it means that it is further away.  Hope the further you go, the slower you need to go to it.  Love is restraint, the strongest faith is a faith with a mustard seed.  Faith with a mustard seed is the humility of pride.  Pride is haste, greed, and impatience, generating exhaustion and burnout.

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10.21564.     AR AR

Try to make the most of what you have.  As a rule, you always have more than enough at hand to fulfill any of your current desires.

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10.21580.     AR AR

Yours is what is inseparable from you.  If you can realize a cause by relying on yourself alone and believing in yourself, that's your business.  God helps the one who is walking, but God is time.  God can speed up your time.  If you have the determination to go to your goal of the decade, then God will speed you up to the speed of light.

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10.21597. Movement in the square.     AR AR

A woman's faith in her man is based on the fact that she passes her faith to him, and the man begins to move for two.  At the same time, a man gets the opportunity to motivate his actions not with his own interests, but with the interests of those people who delegated their love to him.  Doing everything for your loved ones is much more effective than doing everything for yourself.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.21773.     AR AR

I didn't have time.  I didn't have any money, but money is the time I've already mentioned.  But I was in love.  Love is time and energy in one person.  So I had everything I needed to make the impossible possible.

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10.21798.     AR AR

Love is when you are at the limit of your strength to do the absolutely impossible.

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10.21810. You can handle it.     AR AR

Hope should be directed inward.  There is no hope that the missing head will grow, but there is hope that a person will somehow live without a head.

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10.21836.     AR AR

The more people believe and hope in you, the stronger you are.  People give you their energy and luck, multiplying your power.

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