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The immune system uses external viruses (bacteria)  as an external enemy to purify from internal enemies, implementing the principle of "divide and rule".  When internal enemies are destroyed by someone else's hands, the immune system enters the battle and suppresses the external threat.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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The meaning of the proverb "the offended carry water»  the fact that first you are offended, and then you are afraid that you will be offended again, you serve your abuser, doing everything so that he does not hurt you anymore.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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Manipulators like  first say a lot of nasty things, and then pretend to be kind and good.  In fact, this is the implementation of the principle "water is carried on the offended".  First we offend or frighten a person by instilling a negative... and then we show our good half.  Thus, the person running away from the bad, tries to subconsciously behave so that the manipulator was good and kind.

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In order for a person not to get used to good things, it is necessary to periodically beat him with a whip. 

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Higher management may benefit from conflicts between line managers, because the principle of " divide and rule»  it works well.

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Most of all, idols like to undermine the self-esteem of their idolaters.  For as long as the slave lives in fear, he has a special reverence for the idol.

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If a person has fallen into pride, then he has lost fear.  Therefore, the fear must be returned, ... cause him pain, deprive him of control over the situation, take away all the pleasure and the fear will return, which will subdue pride.

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When the proud feel fear, they try to overcome it... with What?  Right!  Love!  The proud are trying to appease those who are afraid.  There is still an option to attack or escape, but these are details.  This is why managers manage the fear of the stick and the thirst for the carrot.

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The strong, knowing the vices of the weak, likes to lend them money.  The weak, being the slaves of money, will quickly let everything go down to vices, after which they will become the slaves of both vices and the strong.


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What do we know about humans? 
"People are unhappy and need compassion. 
- But compassion is lust for power! 
"Then just hit them."  Atoning for their sins, they rejoice like children.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


7.5137.     AR AR

The strong gain power over the weak in the following way. First he intimidates him, himself or through front men, and then offers friendship and protection. You can just offer protection to those in fear.

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6.4952. The vicissitudes of love.     AR AR

They say he hits, so he loves, but I noticed who you hit, he loves you.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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