10.6. The killer immunity.     AR AR

Medicine is a consolation against illness.  Medicine is what kills the disease, but it also kills the immune system.  I don't like medicine, because when we stop being slaves to disease, we become slaves to medicine. 

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9.94. The nature of allergy.     AR AR

If  the  immunity  has  nothing  to  fight  with,  it  starts  to  search  and  invent  enemies  to  itself,  right  up  to  the  fact  that  it  starts  to  fight  with  its  own  organism  or  with  something  that  was  not  earlier  its  enemy,  for  example,  with  the  pollen  of  plants.  The  cause  of  allergies  and  immune  diseases  is  the  excessive  cleanliness  and  dysbiotic  medicines  used  by  a  human.

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10.21522.     AR AR

To subdue fear is to make it small.  A little fear is an inoculation against big fears.  Little fear is a friend and protector, he needs to be happy.

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10.21532.     AR AR

To turn the other cheek to the blow is necessary in order not to live in eternal fear of the first blow.

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10.21543. Get used to yourself.     AR AR

The point is that pain and fear are good…  You will lose pain and fear, you will remain without faith in yourself, hope for yourself and love for yourself... for everything is one.  When you run away from pain and fear, you run away from yourself.  You should accept yourself, rejoice in yourself, and love yourself.

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10.21604. You need to know the enemy by sight.     AR AR

A log in your own eye isn't as bad as it looks.  Indeed, we are able to see only the vices and sins that are in us, but this is for the best.  Vices and sins in small quantities we need as inoculations.  The invisible enemy is especially dangerous, it can very slowly creep up to us and slowly eat us, or we can eat it, get poisoned and infected, and die in terrible agony.

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10.21627.     AR AR

You can not run from pain, the body needs a medium-constant level of small habitual pain in order to avoid the fear of pain.

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10.21628.     AR AR

Hit on one  turn the other side of your face to calm the fear of pain.  What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

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10.21718.     AR AR

Without pain, you can not, you need some controlled and friendly pain, so that the rest of the world is bright against it.

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10.21993.     AR AR

The immune system uses external viruses (bacteria)  as an external enemy to purify from internal enemies, implementing the principle of "divide and rule".  When internal enemies are destroyed by someone else's hands, the immune system enters the battle and suppresses the external threat.

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10.21995.     AR AR

The meaning of therapeutic fasting is that the body stops receiving the flow of pathogenic bacteria along with food, which frees up significant resources of the immune system to fight current diseases.

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10.22386.     AR AR

A little bit of controlled vices and sins a person needs in order to maintain immunity and alertness.  Keep your enemies close so that you never lose your guard.  Moreover, a known controlled parasite protects the system from unknown threats, because it is known that a Holy place is never empty.

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10.22414.     AR AR

Viruses are useful in the sense that once you get over a virus, you get immunity from it and some other more powerful diseases.  Thus, there is no need to be afraid of diseases that do not kill us, because they protect us from other more powerful diseases.

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