10.12046. A devoted slave.     AR AR

To overcome pride, you need to present your mission in life as a great honor and a gift of fate.  You are lucky to be who you are, and you are honored to be chosen.  There are many called, but the chosen one chooses himself.  As long as you are a devoted slave to your love, all will be well.

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10.12955. Servant of God.     AR AR

It is better to love work and be a slave of God than to dislike work and be a slave to the vices and demons of the tempters.

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10.20097. I already have a master.     AR AR

To subdue pride, speak, I am the servant of God, speak, I am the sheep of the flock of the shepherd of heaven.  By humbling your pride, you will simultaneously raise your self-esteem, get rid of your inferiority complex, and get rid of your dependence on other people's opinions.

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10.20102.     AR AR

It is good to be a servant of God…  When you are a servant of God, you have nothing to fear, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to worry about…  It is good to be a servant of God.

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10.20119.     AR AR

As for the servants of God, it is good to be a servant of God, given that God is an idea, love, beauty and truth... that is, what lives inside you.  If you don't want to be a slave of God, you will be a slave of the devil, pride, fear, vices, and other people.

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10.20140.     AR AR


I am a slave to love.  My job is to work, not to suffer and cry.  All my heartaches and pain don't matter.


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10.21678. Servants of God.     AR AR

The poor in spirit are not those who are weak in spirit ... on the contrary, the less, the more.  Faith the size of a mustard seed moves mountains.  The poor in spirit have concentrated their spirit and subdued their pride, and now their spirit has become especially strong.

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10.21903.     AR AR

The suppression of pride does not reduce the power of pride, but, on the contrary, like a dam, increases its power a hundredfold.  Humble pride is not capable of all that ordinary pride only dreams of and lies about.

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10.21938.     AR AR

True hope is the hope that is not afraid of being crucified on the cross.  If your faith is not afraid of death, then it is true.

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10.21941. A treasure.     AR AR

True love (hope, dream)  this is the kind of love for which you are ready to give everything you have (money and time)  and get nothing in return.  It is important for you that this idea is implemented, everything else is unprincipled.

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