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You only have to spit on your hands and do it in a hat, Goethe used to say, when starting a new business.  An initializing ritual that gives inspiration, hope, and courage ...  useful for business success.

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You need to start much earlier than you are ready.  To the "ready" state»  you still need to grow and Mature... to do this, you need to start.

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Everything starts with very simple ideas and gradually grows.  In order for stable growth to occur, you need a little food, difficulties, and other ideas.

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God gives strength to man to do all that he wants on his own.  Faith is the fulfillment of what is expected, that is, if there is hope, start moving and do not be afraid of anything.

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10.20504. The main thing is to start.     AR AR

Unattainable goals are achievable if you believe they are achievable.  Break an unattainable goal into many small, achievable intermediate goals, and hit the road.  Fill in the blanks on the map as you move.

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The right time is stretched out forever.  The one who divided God into good and bad was lying.  I think the liar's name was  The devil.  For someone who has love, any time is appropriate, and he can not be late anywhere.

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Start with the very simple and grow gradually to the complex.  You can't just start with the hard stuff and not fall down.  The colossus on clay feet is very unstable.  The smaller steps you start with, the stronger your growth will be.

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10.21572. A miracle in the economy is a useful thing.     AR AR

It is better to do bad than to do nothing well.  Any action generates experience, and experience is truth, a source of joy, power…  self-confidence, hope and the miracle of love.

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10.21797. The needle is you.     AR AR

The path to Paradise leads through the eye of a needle, so you should not suffer from gigantomania, but look for a thin thread, pulling which you can insert it into the needle.  By the way, you are the needle.  Your task is to weave the fabric of reality and create a Paradise.

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To beat procrastination, plan five minutes ahead.  The main thing is to start, and then we will see.

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The desire that you fear causes fear and procrastination.  First, you need to realize this, and second, you need to put this desire in your head and live with it for a while.  You need to get used to your desire and realize that the devil is not so terrible as it is painted.  Gradually you will get used to your fear, and it will weaken.

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