Crisis van overproductie.

Crisis van overproductie. Sociale neurose.






10.7005.     AR AR

Civilizations are dying out for two reasons.  Or they will degrade into a single-celled Paradise.  Either technology and complexity reach the point where hell becomes unbearable.  The unbearability of life in hell leads to the self-destruction of the system.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.5117.     AR AR

Debt and credit in the economy are like a forest.  Money is an illusion.  When lies get too much, you need a good forest fire.

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10.5095.     AR AR

The experiment "universe 25" clearly shows what the overproduction crisis leads to.

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10.4974.     AR AR

Because money is a lie, money can be printed and money can be burned.  Importantly, remember, that lies should not be too many.  Lies are good in moderation.

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9.9789. "Extra people."     AR AR

The crisis of overproduction creates a lot of" extra people "who otherwise could at least be" consumers "and maintain"demand." Dying of hunger, extra people bring down "demand" even more, further spiraling the crisis of overproduction, creating more and more "extra people".

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.2185. An intangible illusion.     AR AR

Assets are material and money is not material.  Therefore, money is a lie.  Therefore, debts and loans are lies and they can be safely erased.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.2232. Secondary targets.     AR AR

The meaning of implementation is highly complex and notoriously unprofitable and stupid goals in the creation of new technologies, materials and tools.  The secondary use of these ideas for other, more real and reasonable purposes will be very profitable.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.2425. Small debts should be forgiven.     AR AR

If we accept that money is an illusion and a lie, then an Amnesty on debts and loans is a victory over the devil, very useful for the economy.

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10.2426.     AR AR

To stimulate demand and the economy, it is very useful to give people small loans, and then forgive them.

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5.2885.     AR AR

They   say   there   is   a   lot   of   work.   They   say   there   is   enough   work   for   all.   This   is   false:   there   is   little   work   and   it   will   definitely   not   suffice   for   all.   Work   is   a   great   privilege   and   only   the   best   have   the   right   to   work…   In   the   3rd   millennium,   wars   will   be   waged   for   the   right   to   have   work,   to   carve   out   some   room   and   to   give   a   reason   for   new   work   so   that   people   could   create   and   work   again,   building   new   anthills.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


5.2835.     AR AR

A   crisis   of   overproduction   always   leads   to   wars   and   aggression,   as   being   a   tool   for   destroying   the   superfluous.   If   the   war   is   avoided   by   causing   the   bursting   of   the   blister,   purulence   will   accumulate,   the   bog   of   depression   will   emerge   and   the   illness   will   go   inwards,   killing   the   organism.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


5.2482.     AR AR

Deficiency is a cancer cell suicide mechanism. It is very important for a cell to kill itself if it begins to turn into a cancerous one. If vices and sins are removed from the system, the cancer cells will cease to self-destruct, and the chaff, flooding the system, will destroy the body.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


4.2560.     AR AR

The   problem   with   the   crisis   of   overproduction   is   that   it   engenders   boredom.   Boredom   is   said   to   be   the   first   name   of   the   devil.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


4.1888.     AR AR

Since crisis is a process of destruction, it means that it generates a process of energy release.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


4.1886. The crisis is a devaluation of old values.     AR AR

The crisis is a process of inflation and depreciation of old values and the creation of new values.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


4.1883.     AR AR

A   crisis   is   not   an   illness   but   a   medicine.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


4.1281.     AR AR

For the economy, people's loneliness is beneficial, people compensate for their loneliness with consumption and work.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


6.935.     AR AR

The   danger   of   the   crisis   of   overproduction   is   that   is   inspires   fear   that   nobody   will   need   what   has   been   done.   Fear   kills   creation   and   causes   pain,   immersing   people   in   the   abyss   of   laziness,   idleness   and   vices.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


5.945.     AR AR

Economic   neurosis   leads   to   cognitive   economic   dissonance,   the   second   stage   of   which   marks   the   looping   of   economics   resulting   in   a   crisis   of   overproduction   and   a   shift   to   the   third   stage   of   decline,   apathy   and   chronic   depression.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


5.944.     AR AR

Economic   neurosis   is   an   extremely   dangerous   phenomenon.   Just   like   common   neurosis,   it   triggers   aggressiveness,   fear   and   depression   and   leads   to   wars,   revolutions,   conflicts,   depression   and   economic   crises.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


4.688.     AR AR

The value of things is connected with vanity and envy. We love ourselves so much when we are envied. When we're envied, we say to ourselves, "Yeah, I'm worth something." 

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


4.588.     AR AR

One  should  especially  guard  against  collapse  of  the  domestic  market.  By  flooding  the  market  of  the  Earth  by  perfect  and  cheap  information  products,  aliens  can  destroy  our  programmers,  artists  and  scientists.  Destruction  of  the  best  minds  of  humanity  will  lead  to  the  total  degradation  and  dying  out  of  human  civilization. 

Voorwoord: Варвара Учеваткина


4.128.     AR AR

Growth   is   stress.   A   crisis   is   remedial   relaxation   after   stress.   If   there   is   no   relaxation   after   stress,   it   is   very   harmful   for   the   organism   and   kills   the   organism.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


3.990.     AR AR

Things do not have their own value, people give value to things. 

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.988.     AR AR

Uncertainty   is   related   to   the   misconception   relating   to   the   value   of   things.   The   value   of   things   is   different   for   different   people.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


1262.     AR AR

  “The  conversion  to  the  high-quality  exclusive  goods  or  services  with  increased  profit  norm  is  the  only  way  for  small  business  to  overcome  the  big  one  with  consumer  goods,  mass  production,  international  labor  market,  own  real  estate  and  connections  to  authorities”. 

Voorwoord: Muhortova Natalie


1112.     AR AR

The  basis  of  a  normal  economy  is  the  piece  goods  with  high  added  value.  As  only  they  provide  good  jobs,  high  quality  of  goods  and  create  an  unlimited  market. 

Voorwoord: Muhortova Natalie


9.49. Destruction of class symbiosis.     AR AR

Speaking  of  the  new  social  class,  the  class  of  robots,  we  can  note  that  creation  of  this  class  destroys  social  balance  and  class  symbiosis.  Earlier,  the  upper  class  used  the  lower  classes  as  slaves,  paid  them  for  it  and  they  earned  their  living.  Now  elites  have  found  new  slaves  and  the  old  ones  will  now  die  of  starvation.  That’s  unfair-  you  become  responsible  for  what  you  have  tamed. 

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


9.48.     AR AR

Our   three-class   society   has   become   a   fourth-class   one.   Robots   are   new   emerging   class.   And   that`s   a   strong   one,   such   an   adversary   in   class   struggle   can   easily   destroy   half   of   mankind,   if   not   everyone.

Voorwoord: Sodmis


9.11. Working time reduction up to 20-30 hours per week.     AR AR

Most  part  of  the  GDP  is  generated  in  the  services-related  industries  and  the  economy  itself  is  hit  by  the  crisis  of  overproduction  and  declining  profitability  due  to  over-increased  competition  and  reduced  demand  in  a  post-industrial  society. 

It  is  necessary  to  reduce  the  working  day,  increasing  productivity  to  revive  such  an  economy.  Working  4-7  hours  a  day,  people  will  have  more  time  to  spend  their  money,  thereby  stimulating  demand  for  services.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


9.10. Social contract.     AR AR

All  the  social  classes  should  agree  on  the  distribution  of  «place  in  the  sun»  and  energy  sources  for  progress  and  successful  existence  of  the  society.  The  social  contract  according  to  which  all  the  spheres  of  influence  are  separated  and  big  business  doesn’t  interfere  with  the  middle  and  small  ones,  the  middle  business  doesn’t  interfere  with  the  small  and  big  ones,  and  the  small  one  is  busy  with  its  own  deeds  and  nobody  tries  to  eat  it      Every  class  should  struggle  within  itself.  And  the  struggle  between  the  classes  should  take  place  only  in  the  border  areas,  where  they  merge  and  gradually  transit  into  one  another.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


9.7.     AR AR

It`s  possible  to  create  virtual  worlds  and  illusions  under  overproduction  conditions.  Any  intangible  goods  and  services  are  well  created  under  such  conditions.  Infrastructure  objects,  pieces  of  art,  real  estate  are  rather  safe  to  produce  from  tangible  objects. 

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


9.4.     AR AR

See  the  point.  Having  printed  money,  they  created  it  from  Nothing.  Next,  having  conversed  their  form  several  times,  they  accumulated  a  huge  amount  of  dead  energy  in  the  form  of  debts.  Now  it’s  necessary  to  erase  these  debts  and  send  them  back  to  Nothing,  thus  finishing  the  money  conversion  cycle.  It  can  be  said  that  money  was  created  from  light,  and  if  it  is  burnt  now,  it  will  become  light  again. 

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


9.3.     AR AR

The  economical  growth  is  linked  with  the  processes  of  energy  conversion  from  one  form  to  another.  If  the  energy  mass  becomes  too  heavy,  the  growth  stops.  To  resume  the  growth,  it’s  necessary  to  converse  the  heavy  dead  energy  that  has  stopped  participating  in  motion  to  a  new  form.  That  is,  to  resume  the  growth,  it’s  necessary  to  get  rid  of  dead  money  and  burn  the  frozen  debts  accumulated  in  the  banking  system.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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