Boek van vrijheid. Verleidingen en verleidingen.

Boek van vrijheid. Verleidingen en verleidingen. Hoe versla je verslaving.






7.45.     AR AR

No pleasures and joys in any way.  The subconscious mind can not be fooled, it will still take its.  You can, however, avoiding harmful pleasures to replace them with useful.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


781.     AR AR

Pleasures  and  entertainment  are  a  very  powerful  source  of  pain.  It's  a  drug.  You  get  used  to  it  and  can't  do  without  it.  You  feel  incomplete  without  a  drug  and  pain  overwhelms  you...  Unbearable  excruciating  pain.  But  what's  worse  is  that  it's  a  real  addiction.  You  need  more  and  more...  And  where  to  get  it???  You're  already  willing  to  give  a  lot  and  then  everyting  you  have  just  to  get  a  bit  of  it...  And  the  awful  thing  is  that  even  with  what  you  have  you  still  feel  empty  and  full  of  pain...  And  there's  nothing  to  be  done.... 

A  real  nightmare,  isn't  it? 

Voorwoord: Muhortova Natalie


3.1153.     AR AR

Addiction in the broadest sense of the word is the dependence on any pleasure, against which the rest of life becomes dull and gray.  Addiction causes addiction, withdrawal, aggression, antisocial behavior, laziness, apathy and depression.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.1138. Avoid pleasures.     AR AR

Sweet and other pleasures are very harmful to work.  Pleasure should be derived from work.  Work should be a source of pleasure.  If the source of pleasure will be other, work will become lazy and not interested.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


7.90. How to deceive yourself.     AR AR

The   less   often   you   eat,   the   more   delicious   food   is   and   the   more   you   enjoy   it.   The   It   craves   for   pleasures   –   food   is   pleasure,   but   the   less   often   and   the   less   you   eat,   the   more   you   enjoy   food.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


5.50. A burned-out light bulb.     AR AR

That passion has died, it must either stop enduring hardness, or to begin to fit and inflate even more. 

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


2253. About a mousetrap.     AR AR

In  order  to  resist  a  temptation,  it's  not  necessary  to  have  great  will  power  as  many  people  think. 
It  only  takes  sensibility  and  understanding  towards  the  fact  that  a  temptation  is  a  worm  on  the  hook.  And  if  you  try  to  swallow  it,  your  life  may  never  be  happy  again. 

Voorwoord: Muhortova Natalie


7.27.     AR AR

If you have tasted passion, you can get rid of it now only by overeating it.  Eat until you're tired or poisoned.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


7.38.     AR AR

The   subconscious   (the   It)   loves   pleasures   most   of   all.   Food   is   a   pleasure,   but   if   you   start   taking   pleasure   in   weight   loss,   you   will   deceive   the   It,   thus   making   him   your   assistant   in   your   struggle   against   obesity.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


10.6276.     AR AR

You need to forgive yourself for your sins.  Sins are like rot, if they are not cut out, the rot grows more and more.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


7.33.     AR AR

One should care more about the permanent good than about the brief pleasure.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.6262.     AR AR

It's all about energy.  Time is the most valuable energy resource that should be protected from temptation and waste.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


7.72. Recognize, repent and erase.     AR AR

Reset  to  zero  and  forget  your  mistakes.  Mistakes  should  be  gotten  rid  of  and  forgotten  as  quickly  as  possible  or  they  will  destroy  your  conscience  and  life.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


10.6146.     AR AR


To find fruitfulness and joy, it is necessary to turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly.  Depression is the initial stage of the pupa, when the caterpillar realizes that it can no longer live like this, it falls into a nightmare to kill the caterpillar in itself.


Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.1244.     AR AR

To sin is possible, but you need to quickly atone for their sins, otherwise there'll be too much.  Busting is a big problem.  Ate tasty, immediately go for a run or antelco pick it up.  It's simple.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.5743. Hero of our time.     AR AR

Man is choked by fear and Vice to the point.  There is a huge energy concentrated inside a person.  Inside the person the sun shines.  The problem is ignorance, ignorance has created fear and pride.  Ignorance has made man a slave to Vice.  All these sins squeeze a person from all sides, preventing him from realizing his potential.  Ignorance prevents to see the beauty, prevents love.  Just one ray of light, just one flame in the darkness of the night can radically change the situation.  By conquering ignorance, we will generate love and destroy fear and vices.  The hero is joyful.  The hero is the sun in which the flame of love is kindled.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.5677.     AR AR

The Bible divides people into slaves of Vice and into those who have found salvation and become a free man.  The former are the ignorant, and the latter are those who serve truth, love, and beauty.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.1245.     AR AR

To avoid overkill, throw off the cards.  If you feel like you're burning, get rid of the excess immediately. 

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.1195. Out of the fire and into the fire.     AR AR

Man is always afraid of everything, love is the only thing that can save a person from paranoia.  When a man falls in love, the only thing he is afraid of is losing his love.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


1962.     AR AR

The  danger  of  being  cloyed  with  pleasure  is  that  the  state  of  being  cloyed  demands  doubling  the  amount  of  pleasures.  And  doubled  or  tripled  amounts  of  pleasures  are  very  expensive  and  extremely  destructive  for  human  bodies  and  souls. 

Avoid  being  cloyed  with  anything.  As  the  state  of  being  cloyed  is  the  enemy  of  pleasures  and  happiness. 
Be  satisfied  with  little.  For  instance,  be  happy  with  a  little  slice  or  a  piece. 

To  know  when  enough  is  enough  is  like  to  know  God. 

Voorwoord: Muhortova Natalie


3.139.     AR AR

Slaves get so used to their chains that they can't live without them.  Therefore, the squirrel can not escape from his wheel.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.140.     AR AR

The squirrel sits on a chain, she is so used to chains that she does not notice them at all.  Squirrel considers himself free, because he does not even try to cross the drawn line, but if she does decide, the collar will squeeze her neck threateningly.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.182.     AR AR

The essence of personal growth is to find a meaning of life other than serving Vice and pleasure.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.660. Trap of greed.     AR AR

Paying a little, you want to pay more and more, just not to lose already paid.  Of course, provided that there is hope to get what you want.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.715.     AR AR

Beats, means loves, because the only chance to save the love and joy it keep it, otherwise, there's a glut and it will die.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.716.     AR AR

Take care of your pleasure, use it as little as possible, 

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.781.     AR AR

Remember, if you get bored and you try to dispel boredom TV, Internet and the like things, then you have a huge problem.  In fact, you are a terrible sinner, there is no love in you and, therefore, there is no God.  Boredom is another name for despondency.  Normal people words such as boredom don't know.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.882. Lucky, so lucky.     AR AR

It is especially dangerous when the wrong decision brings a good result.  In this case, the person falls into drug dependence on the wrong decision and statistically turns into a lie, that is, falls into the abyss of problems.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


3.941.     AR AR

By   using   freebies   and   cheap   stuff,   you   fall   into   the   trap   of   intelligence   because   you   no   longer   can   buy   normal   stuff.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


3977.     AR AR

I  dislike  painkilling  and  consolation  because  easing  of  pain  doesn't  allow  to  realize  errors  and  get  wiser.  Pain  is  a  weapon  of  the  truth  in  its  fight  for  the  place  in  the  sun.  Pain  is  a  sign  of  someone's  mistake.  Pain  can  help  a  person  become  disappointed  in  sweet  illusions  and  say  no  to  destructive  temptations  and  to  master  laziness.  Pain  is  a  source  of  strength  for  fighting  with  personal  sins.  And  killing  pain,  in  its  essence,  destroys  the  incentive  for  fighting  with  personal  faults. 

Voorwoord: Muhortova Natalie


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