Oordeel niet, opdat gij niet geoordeeld wordt.






5.6.   AR AR

Judge not, lest ye be judged, this will save you from laziness, apathy, and depression.  When an idealist judges reality, it always fails to live up to his ideal, fails to live up to his expectations and shatters his illusions.  A mismatch between expectations of reality cause cognitive dissonance and 1000 of his sins and vices.

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Judge  thyself  not,  that  ye  be  not  judged. 

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Judge not, lest ye be judged ...because while you judge others, others judge you.  Trust me, you have so many sins that it is worth to know about them to anyone, you will die of shame and fear.

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1189.   AR AR

You  should  criticize  and  judge  only  yourself,  life  will  judge  others… 

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3.614. Judge not, lest ye be judged.   AR AR

In   the   quantum   world,   it   is   possible   to   use   the   properties   of   an   object   without   measuring   it.   That   is,   as   long   as   you   have   not   measured,   you   can   assume   that   the   object   possesses   all   accessible   properties   of   all   of   its   states.   Do   not   ask   the   object   what   it   is   and   what   it   can.   Get   straight   to   the   object’s   methods   and   properties.   In   fact,   by   addressing   the   object’s   properties   and   methods,   you   determine   its   nature.

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3.615. The point of resignation.   AR AR

The   point   of   resignation   is   not   to   judge.   Do   not   judge   whether   you   can   or   cannot   do   something.   Do   not   judge   whether   it   is   difficult   or   not,   fearsome   or   not.   Just   do   what   you   have   been   told   to   do   or   what   you   think   necessary.   When   judging,   you   define   the   superposition’s   state.   If   you   do   not   judge,   you   can   implement   any   task,   maintaining   the   simultaneity   of   states.  

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3.616.   AR AR

Do   not   judge.   When   you   do   not   judge,   you   are   not   afraid   and   you   do   not   doubt.   When   you   have   faith,   not   fear,   in   you,   you   have   God,   not   the   devil,   in   you.

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3.617.   AR AR

Resignation   means   this:   do   not   judge.   When   you   do   not   judge,   you   kill   the   devil   in   you   and   engender   God.   God   is   a   miracle.   God   is   the   state   of   the   quantum   superposition   X,   the   combination   of   the   incompatible   such   as   powerlessness   and   absolute   strength,   a   point   and   a   universe.

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3.618.   AR AR

You   may   see   things   the   way   you   wish   instead   of   how   they   are   as   long   as   you   do   not   judge   or   measure.

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3.638.   AR AR

The   base   of   Christianity   is   a   humility.   Humility   means   don't   judge,   when   you   judge   God   you   separate   him   into   Good   God   and   the   Devil.   Your   attempt   to   judge   generates   the   devil.   Until   you   don't   judge,   there   is   just   God,   but   as   soon   as   you   refuse   humility   and   start   judging,   the   good   and   the   evil   appears.   And,   because   hubris   is   a   deadly   sin,   you   fall   down   to   hell   at   once.

Voorwoord: Varvara Uchevatkina


3.682.   AR AR

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  "Do not judge," but you, full of good intentions, begin to judge and go astray and come to hell.  Fair enough.  The desire to judge is a sin of pride, a mortal sin. 

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3.750.   AR AR

He who loves does not judge.  If you are trying to judge the object of your love, it is pride that speaks, not love.

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3.810.   AR AR

Don't judge.  If boss said to do, not your concern to think, why it him and, the more, assess usefulness.  Your job is first to do, and then, if you know why and why, to offer something extra.

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3.839. Judge not, lest ye be judged.   AR AR

A   system   is   a   38   by   62   entity   in   which   you   can   choose   38   at   most,   that   is   lie,   no   matter   what   you   choose.   The   very   fact   of   choosing   makes   you   choose   the   lesser.   To   choose   the   bigger,   you   should   not   judge.   62   is   more   like   truth   but   truth   demands   resignation.   62   is   resignation   and   38   is   arrogance.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


6.5545.   AR AR

Don't judge, don't judge, because a real judge doesn't judge, but just holds the scales steady.

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8.4091.   AR AR

Don't judge people by what they don't have. Better look at what they have to boast.

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10.5577.   AR AR

The commandment" do not judge " is a huge, just a giant, system - forming commandment, the correct understanding of which turns life into Paradise, and the wrong-into hell.

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10.5428.   AR AR

Don't judge, because when you judge, you feed your demons by awakening either an inferiority complex or a megalomania.

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10.5414.   AR AR

Don't judge.  Judgments make the world relative by tying you to things, chaining you, building walls, and creating obstruction.

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10.5408.   AR AR

When you wait for praise, you wait for judgment, making yourself a slave.  Your request for praise is a request - put chains on me.

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10.5403.   AR AR

Don't judge.  Judgments create attachments and make you a slave to things and people.  When your self-esteem depends on the outside world, it is a great vulnerability and fear.

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10.5256.   AR AR

Do not judge, because he who judges cannot love.  Judgment kills love and breeds fear.  Love is life and fruitfulness.  Fear is death and decay.

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10.5235.   AR AR

Envy is also a violation of the commandment "do not judge", and thus, pride.

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10.4910. A quantum miracle.   AR AR

In fact, Schrodinger's cat is uncertainty.  The thesis" do not judge, so that you will not be judged " calls us to create uncertainty.  Uncertainty is the basis of humility, faith and wonder.

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10.5163.   AR AR

"Don't judge "means" don't compete " ... you Don't need to compete with anyone, your job is to grow and bear fruit, not to be a rat on a rat race.

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