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Asceticism is self-restraint.  Restraint breeds strength.  Austerity is freedom, freedom is power

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A real gourmet is an ascetic.  Gourmet saves his pleasure, avoiding all unnecessary and overkill.

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Asceticism is self-denial in unnecessary things.  Asceticism is self-restraint and thrift.  You save energy on the harmful and useless in order to spend it for good.

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The goals are austerity and self-restraint.  To achieve your goals, you need to cut off excess and avoid the temptation to deviate from the path of truth.

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Overcoming fear, phobias and laziness is a training of courage and getting used to pain.  Helps pouring cold water, running, fighting, asceticism, etc.

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Asceticism is the greatest pleasure, because the greatest pleasure is the victory over fear.

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Asceticism is the renunciation of pleasure, because pleasure is the other side of fear and pain.  Pleasure breeds pain, ennui, boredom and fear.

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There is no other way to make a person out of a child than sports, books, work and austerity.

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The essence of austerity is the preservation of love and joy.  Exhaustion and overabundance kill happiness, love, joy, and all the other pleasures of life.

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