10.6367.   AR AR

The carrot and stick in life are the same, but there is a nuance.  We quickly get used to pleasures and there are always few of them, but we run from pain and are afraid of it.  As a result, subjectively, the bad turns out to be three times more than the good.

번역: NeuronNet


10.6353. Carrot and stick.   AR AR

First you run from the stick, then you run after the carrot.  When you catch up with the carrot, the whip appears again.

번역: NeuronNet


8.1789.1. Stick and carrot.   AR AR

Angel   and   demon   are   two-faced   Janus.   He's   an   angel   with   good   people   and   he   is   a   demon   with   a   whip   with   sinners.

번역: Sodmis


10.5841. Movement is life.   AR AR

The only option is the generation of carrot and stick.  Fear and desire to run away from him.  However, there is a third option, it's pretty wacky, and it doesn't seem to solve anything, but it creates movement.  The movement of the three colors is a basic color picture of being called life.

번역: NeuronNet


10.4847. A just world.   AR AR

The main desire of the addict is to eat gingerbread, avoiding the whip.  Fortunately, this is not possible because it is unfair.

번역: NeuronNet


10.6355.   AR AR

Instead of running between a stick and a carrot, you would run just like that, from the joy of your soul.

번역: NeuronNet


10.5656.   AR AR

Santa and Satan are the same person.  He gives gingerbread to good people, and meets bad people with a whip.

번역: NeuronNet


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