10.7046.   AR AR

Of course, boredom is a mortal sin and a source of endless suffering.  But boredom is necessary for a person to find love and so be saved.  Trying to kill boredom with entertainment and vices is obviously more like firewood under the devil's cauldron than saving you from suffering.

번역: NeuronNet


10.6892.   AR AR

Boredom is a terrible thing...  In fact, this is the sin of despondency.  After all, a person does not love anything and, therefore, he has nothing to do and is bored.

번역: NeuronNet


10.6495.   AR AR

If there are no problems, you need to come up with them.  Without problems, life is boring and there is no reason to grow.

번역: NeuronNet


346.   AR AR

About boredom you cry, unhappy…
Well...  Know you are dying…
Exit two: either to break the glass bubble of boredom 
and take a breath of fresh air, or suffocate.

번역: NeuronNet


2445. 3 ways to deprive oneself of joy.   AR AR

Having  too  much  fun  leads  to  chronic  boredom. 
Too  many  pleasures  make  life  seem  weary. 
A  passion  that  is  too  strong  kills  love...  having  become  replete,  it  dies  away  really  fast. 

번역: Muhortova Natalie


3.69. Boredom is pain.   AR AR

Forgive me if the truth hurts or bores you, but I serve the truth, not idols.

번역: NeuronNet


10.5044.   AR AR

The   squirrel   in   the   wheel   is   a   drug   addict,   she   just   can't   stop.    Squirrel   is   forced   to   endlessly   run   after   little   pleasures,   because   it   is   mad   with   boredom,   fear,   suffering   and   pain.    Do   you   think   a   pleasure-addicted   squirrel   is   very   happy?    She   is   tormented   by   wild   fear,   because   if   she   stops,   it   will   drive   her   crazy.

번역: NeuronNet


7.37.   AR AR

Much to repeat boring and dangerous.  The devil dislikes boredom, but likes to do nasty things to people who do not like him.

번역: NeuronNet


8.46.   AR AR

Boredom is the main engine of civilization, the body, like air, requires surprise.

번역: NeuronNet


3.125.   AR AR

Order begets boredom, boredom of a man in terrible agony dying mind.  Chance is like salt, without salt life perishes.

번역: NeuronNet


8.2226. Boredom is the source of pain, but work is a cure for it.   AR AR

Boredom  is  the  source  of  pain,  but  work  is  a  remedy  against  it.

번역: lushchenko Marina


8.6960.   AR AR

Thoughts are unpredictable, so you win at least boredom.

번역: NeuronNet


9.1184.   AR AR

Love  is  a  source  of  laziness  and  of  boredom.  You  love  something  and  you  are  not  interested  in  anything  else.

번역: lushchenko Marina


9.4465.   AR AR

Boredom   stimulates   a   person’s   thinking.   A   person   often   thinks   because   of   boredom.   In   case   he   is   deprived   of   boredom,   he   will   have   neither   time   nor   wish   to   think.  

번역: Sodmis


9.4816.   AR AR

Boredom - the most dangerous disease of the brain, saying that a person is sick with a thirst for pleasure and fell into extremes.

번역: NeuronNet


10.2135.   AR AR

Addiction is a sin of despondency.  When there is no love and faith in a person, he is seized with boredom and laziness, and he quickly becomes an easy victim of any pleasure and entertainment.

번역: NeuronNet


10.2216.   AR AR

What is boredom?  The deadly sin of despondency.  Source of disease and suffering.  Boredom is deadly.

번역: NeuronNet


10.2649.   AR AR

Boredom is fear.  The one who is bored is a coward and a sad sinner.

번역: NeuronNet


10.2650.   AR AR

Evil times evil is to stave off boredom vices.  Only love can conquer boredom.

번역: NeuronNet


10.3115.   AR AR

To motivate yourself to work, save yourself the boredom.  Make an effort of not doing and try to do nothing for a day, just sit and be bored.

번역: NeuronNet


10.4088.   AR AR

Asceticism is the renunciation of pleasure, because pleasure is the other side of fear and pain.  Pleasure breeds pain, ennui, boredom and fear.

번역: NeuronNet


10.5043. Lovers of sweets and flowers.   AR AR

The problem with little constant joys is that you lose your immunity to reality.  Now you can't solve big problems and achieve big goals.  Achieve great joy.  Without great joy, your life has no meaning.  And you go to hell.  To achieve big goals you can't because you can't stand the pain, fear and boredom.  You feel sorry for time, you are overcome by laziness and procrastination.

번역: NeuronNet


3.781.   AR AR

Remember, if you get bored and you try to dispel boredom TV, Internet and the like things, then you have a huge problem.  In fact, you are a terrible sinner, there is no love in you and, therefore, there is no God.  Boredom is another name for despondency.  Normal people words such as boredom don't know.

번역: NeuronNet


10.6080. Internal positive, active tension.   AR AR


Let the boredom build up inside you.  Boredom is priceless.  Boredom is a compressed spring that accumulates an internal positive action potential.  You can not waste this potential on nonsense and entertainment, you need to accumulate it to a critical mass, to the full compression of the spring and implement it into useful work.


번역: NeuronNet


10.5796.   AR AR

Boredom is also fear.  Reality is unbearable, so when nothing distracts thoughts, there is a strong discomfort.

번역: NeuronNet


5.2397.   AR AR

It seems to us that a person dies from the lack of movement of thought. Boredom is deadly to the brain.

번역: NeuronNet


5.4696.   AR AR

Boredom is a deadly disease associated with the lack of love in the body. The cure for boredom is a dream. Entertainment, pleasure and other drugs are painkillers for boredom. Love grows from the seeds of hope and dreams.

번역: NeuronNet


5.5014.   AR AR

Democracy is a great cure for boredom. Democracy breeds hope and passion, spectacle and entertainment. Democracy is a spectacle that promises hope for bread. The people demand bread and circuses. Democracy gives hope for bread, it replaces both spectacle and bread.

번역: NeuronNet


5.5435.   AR AR

The squirrel in the wheel is busy twisting the tail of the cow, there is no love squirrel in life, and therefore there is no other joy than to suffer from garbage, trying to dispel boredom with Vice.

번역: NeuronNet


8.1731.   AR AR

Wars  of  the  new  millennium  will  be  waged  for  fun.  A  crazy  attempt  to  eliminate  boredom  and  to  make  room  for  a  new  existence.

번역: NeuronNet


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