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I  met  a  person  and  that  person  was  much  more  virtuous  than  me  and  I  looked  so  low  next  to  him.  I  notice  it  and  felt  ashamed.  So  I  took  the  best  from  that  person  to  become  better  myself. 

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4.297.     AR AR

Dog eats dog. The point is that evil touches only Vice and sin. Good and virtuous people evil passes by.

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10.7065.     AR AR

A sinner is one who is willing to sacrifice love for his purpose, in exchange for lust, greed, fear, vanity, etc.

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3.1305.     AR AR

Sugar in small quantities stimulates the brain, and a large kills it.

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3.40. A perpetual motion machine.     AR AR

The strategy of motivating a person by God is as follows.  First, through temptations, man becomes infected with desires and vices, and then, by limiting these desires, he receives the energy necessary for the service of life.  Vice need then, to, limiting his, obtain energy.

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10.7075. Healthy immune system.     AR AR

Vices always want to eat a person, vices are the enemy.  Love your enemy, know him, learn to resist him.  The known enemy will protect you from the new enemy.

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4.34.     AR AR

It   is   dangerous   to   protect   a   person   from   Vice   from   the   outside.   You   will   protect   him   from   the   lesser   evil,   and   he   will   be   the   victim   of   the   greater   one.   The   lesser   evil   protects   man   from   the   greater   one.  
A   person   can   save   himself   from   Vice   only,   an   attempt   to   save   him   from   the   outside   and   by   force   will   only   aggravate   the   situation.

翻訳する: Varvara Uchevatkina


10.6838.     AR AR

The Kingdom of heaven is truth, but truth is a paradox.  On the one hand, it is hell and a bait for stupid flies, and on the other hand, Paradise and a reward for the righteous.  If you are a righteous man, your Kingdom of heaven is Paradise; if you are a sinner, your Kingdom is hell.

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10.6814.     AR AR

The righteous do not get sick, because the source of all diseases is fear and vices, that is, everything that the righteous are immune to.

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6.17.     AR AR

The   essence   of   vices   and   sins   is   to   make   a   person   run   along   the   circle   of   his   vices,   grow   weak,   fall   and   resign   himself   to   reality,   thus   overcoming   his   arrogance.   Where,   having   resigned   himself   to   reality,   the   person   falls   on   the   ground,   the   grain   of   his   soul   will   germinate   and,   finally,   that   person   will   start   doing   what   he   had   to   do   from   the   very   beginning,   i.e.,   start   growing.

翻訳する: lushchenko Marina


10.6187. Normal apples.     AR AR

About vicious and wormy people, I once noticed that on an Apple tree, if it is not watered with pesticides, all the apples are wormy.  Moreover, it can not be said that worms greatly spoil apples.

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6.20.     AR AR

Parents   should   not   quarrel   and   get   angry   in   the   presence   of   their   children.   Parental   aggression   immerses   children   in   fear   and   makes   them   wicked,   lazy   and   stupid…   and   they   easily   fall   victim   to   vices.

翻訳する: lushchenko Marina


7.58.     AR AR

Impatience  is  evil.  Perseverance  and  patience  are  virtues.

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10.5997.     AR AR

In mathematics, the sins and vices of man is the operation of taking the root and decreasing energy.  Virtues are a power function and a multiplication of energy.

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10.5851. Sublimation of the energy of vices.     AR AR

The meaning of personal growth is to learn how to extract energy from their vices and shortcomings.

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3.597. Get rid of fear.     AR AR

Remember, if you have fear, then you are a sinner and doomed to suffer.  Fear breeds lies, anger, and other vices.  Fear is the devil's first name.

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10.5787.     AR AR

Pleasure from vices, on the one hand, reduces sensitivity to pleasure, and, on the other, increases sensitivity to pain.  Lust, gluttony, lust and vanity make a person very vulnerable.

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3.818.     AR AR

From   a   pragmatic   point   of   view,   games   and   other   vices   separating   the   chaff   from   the   grain   are   useful   for   the   system.   One   less,   more   for   the   rest.   God   will   punish   those   who   have   no   love   in   them   by   taking   time   from   them.   On   the   other   hand,   everyone   knows   movies   about   zombie   apocalypses,   and   these   scenarios   have   nothing   good   about   them.   Some   sound   balance   is   needed.

翻訳する: lushchenko Marina


4.127.     AR AR

The dissatisfaction of the first two levels of basic needs gives rise to chronic fear in man, which becomes an excellent breeding ground for all human sins and vices.

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4.129.     AR AR

The realization that there is no one and nothing to envy will save you from many of your vices. Trust me, you'll feel better. No more jealousy, no more fear.

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4.289.     AR AR

All sins and virtues the closer to a person, the stronger and more significant. Love begins with love for yourself and your family and then to the far. Lying begins with lying to yourself and your loved ones. In other words, he who does not love himself and his loved ones, he who lies to himself and his loved ones, will be the first to go to hell, because his sin is the most terrible.

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4.358. Expensive pleasure.     AR AR

In debt, as in silks, because too many spend on pleasure and evils.

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4.501.     AR AR

It is a virtuous business to profit from the vices of men, including such as stupidity and cowardice.

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4.503. Repentance requires sacrifice.     AR AR

The idle one is like an unseeded field, which is sure to be overgrown with weeds of Vice and stupidity.

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4.534.     AR AR

Greedy stupid, greedy, stupid, cowardly, stupid, stupid, voluptuous, well-fed stupid... They can't bear to waste time learning. Their precious time is given to vices, pleasures, dreams and amusements.

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4.555.     AR AR

Vice is a virus, be careful not to accidentally pick up a Trojan. Avoid freebies and porn.

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4.741.     AR AR

You can sin and indulge in Vice as much as you like, provided that you work and pay for your sins. As long as you're useful, we're willing to tolerate your piggery. However, if you refuse to pay for your sins and vices, it will be a mortal sin for which we will turn your life into hell.

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4.755.     AR AR

You need a Vice, there's no Vice at all.

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4.760.     AR AR

Only hope to goodness happy. Think of what virtuous things you can do... and that alone will lift your spirits in anticipation of joy.

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4.761.     AR AR

One of the main human virtues is contempt for death. Contempt for Vice, contempt for evil, contempt for fear, etc. Virtue is joyful.

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4.762.     AR AR

The Montaigne Essays read that the mere pursuit of goodness with joy and inspires the soul. The chief virtues of the human soul are contempt for fear, contempt for suffering and pain, contempt for death.

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4.927.     AR AR

This world owes much to human vices. On the money paid for the vices, in fact, it is created.

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4.965.     AR AR

Freedom of will is that one can choose whether there is humility in one's heart or not. Where there is humility, there is love. Where there is no humility, there is no love, but there are vices, fears and evil.

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