4.61.     AR AR

One ideological man is worth a thousand prostitutes. 

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1310. A dusty drop...…     AR AR

The  pawn  won  this  game 
after  the  murder  of  the  king  and  all  officers  - 
now  it's  the  main  thing  in  this  brothel. 

The  tendency  of  life's  simple  flank  of  hill  becomes  a  flatness, 
like  an  axiom  chosen  at  random  is  proved  by  the  truth  in  newspapers, 
sucked  out  of  the  lies  and  refuse. 

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie


3.592.     AR AR

A writer whose main goal is to sell his books is a prostitute, not a writer.  The real Creator is the priest of the God of beauty.

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8.6694.     AR AR

A prostitute is not a profession, but a state of mind.

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9.6515. The virtuous survive.     AR AR

The   spread   of   sodomy   and   brothels   in   the   past   is   gravely   exaggerated.   Don’t   get   me   wrong,   visiting   a   brothel   in   those   circumstances   meant100%   syphilis   and   death   in   terrible   agony.   There   were   few   fools   wanting   to   die   in   terrible   agony.  

翻訳する: Sodmis


10.9012.     AR AR

From interpersonal relationships, it is better to remove the paradigm "I will give you a piece of cheese, and you must sell yourself into slavery for this for the rest of your life".  This idea doesn't work with close people.  This is a typical buy-sell relationship, so you can communicate with prostitutes, business partners or clients.  You can't buy love and friendship this way.

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10.18342.     AR AR

Since love is a fruitful looped process, we can say that work is also love if it is accompanied by joy.  Work that is not accompanied by joy is prostitution or rape.

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10.20113.     AR AR

You don't need to learn life from prostitutes.  You can only learn to suffer from prostitutes.

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