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Information  expands. 
Information  accumulates. 
Information  becomes  more  complicated... 

It's  only  novelty  and  perfection  that  are  valuable, 
anything  else  is  to  be  processed... 

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie


10.20368.     AR AR

The point is that the system learns and accumulates information from the outside.  Information requires energy to be stored.  Automatically, the accumulation of information generates an influx of external energy.

翻訳する: NeuronNet


10.20722.     AR AR

Time is the primary information flow.  Information is what gives shape to energy, thus creating the real world.

翻訳する: NeuronNet


10.21525.     AR AR

I think that information and energy are the same thing, only from different sides.  The more information you have, the more energy.  The more energy, the more information.  There is no information without energy and energy without information.  Only the forms in which the energy resides change.  Money is the simplest form of energy.  Things and people are more complex forms.  The more perfect the form, the more energy is concentrated in it.

翻訳する: NeuronNet


10.22154.     AR AR

Time is the flow of pure energy, and the material world is the information that structures and shapes this energy.

翻訳する: NeuronNet


10.22218.     AR AR

Time and space is a system of form and content, where space is information and time is energy.

翻訳する: NeuronNet


10.22484.     AR AR

The more information circulates and is created in the system, the faster the system grows, because information requires energy for its storage and movement.

翻訳する: NeuronNet


10.22492.     AR AR

Information is a flow of energy movement.  Information is contained in the movement.  Movement generates information.  In fact, it is an experience, an act of knowing the truth.  A working bundle of information is truth, truth is experience, experience is an act of faith and movement.

翻訳する: NeuronNet


10.22708.     AR AR

Borders are needed to ensure variability.  The smaller the group, the faster mutations and new information spread within it.

翻訳する: NeuronNet


257. [In brevi]     AR AR

A   soul   is   immortal   information,
while   a   body   is   just   a   machine   getting
obsolete   and   unserviceable   in   time...

翻訳する: Sodmis

アートバイ Irina Tsurupina