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Do what you want, but at least do something.  Even minimal movements, extended in time, will save you.  You can't stop at all.  Haste is also to be avoided, for haste breeds a desire to stop and rest, and I have just told you that stopping is forbidden.

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The idea that everything is bad is just as true as the idea that everything is good.

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You shouldn't be afraid of not achieving your goal.  One who throws a dart at a target all day can never miss it.  Here you can help and chance, and training.

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You never know what you can't do... if you really want to.  If you want, everything is possible, even what seems unreal.  By the way when  it seems-they are being baptized, because " it seems»  it's always a lie.

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There's no point in crying, but you cry anyway.  There's no point in laughing, but laugh anyway.  Do what you want, and don't regret anything.

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You should equate intuition with a sense of duty.

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There is no benefit or harm in phenomena…  but you can make them up yourself.  I like to come up with a benefit, the benefit is joyful.  People get offended when you can't think of a benefit from them, and they start to think of harm themselves.  In this respect the phenomenon is similar to women who are fond of using the conflict to attract attention.

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Rule the world through yourself.  You just put hope back in on itself, as a tool for the implementation of their hopes.  Integrity, strength, and firmness come from the belief that you can fulfill all your hopes yourself.

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I'll tell you for comfort.  Remember, everything is an illusion of nothing.  You decide whether to cry or laugh, to be sad or happy.  If you want to cry, cry, but when you've decided enough, say enough and create another illusion.

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Any strong inner intuitive desire cannot be suppressed, no matter how stupid and dangerous it may seem, because ...there's a 70% chance we'll hit bingo on it.  Besides, it's honest, and honesty is a virtue.  So if you want to do something, take it and do it.  The results may be unexpected, but they are always interesting.

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