8.1834.     AR AR

Deriving  some  use  even  out  of  the  useless  is  what  really  matters.

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie


10.16515.     AR AR

I didn't see anything useless in nature, so everything that is useless is doomed to destruction, and what is stable is useful in some way.

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10.17771.     AR AR

I found out that the words vanity, vanity, vanity, emptiness, self-love, fear are all the same.

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10.17930.     AR AR

Love is fruitful and active.  False love, that is, pride, is lazy and unfruitful.

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10.18065. Loss of motivation.     AR AR

Too much creates a swamp and indicates that there is nothing to strive for, and this creates apathy and laziness.  All your efforts are useless, because you are greedy, and greed is multiplication by zero.

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10.18222.     AR AR

A fool who likes to talk about useless and unnecessary things for himself.

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10.18772.     AR AR

Useless is something that you have not found any use for.  So the problem is with you, not with things and events.

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10.18776.     AR AR

No hope, don't torment yourself.  62% of success depends on luck.  Luck is obtained from hope and faith, where faith is the maximum of work and action, most of which will be useless, but necessary.

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10.20788.     AR AR

All the people who are leaving are people who have done their job and are now useless to your mission of life.  The moor had done his work, the moor was gone.

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10.20790.     AR AR

If something doesn't work out, then it's useless for your meaning of life.  On the other hand, the benefits can be extracted in very different ways, for example, enemies and dams are needed for training and accumulation of power.

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10.20811.     AR AR

There is no hope, do not torment yourself, for hope is the edge of love... there is no love, there is nothing.

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10.21273.     AR AR

Your problem is that you are a greedy and sad person, you have no faith…  You're afraid to do useless things.  Remember, there is nothing useless, any action is an act of faith, and therefore there is hope for a miracle.

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10.21372.     AR AR

Useless work is very useful and joyful, because it saves us from idleness and the crisis of overproduction.

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10.21834. An empty hope.     AR AR

What do you hope for?  What are you praying for?  Are you asking for your pride to be fed?  Are you asking me to satisfy your lust for power and pleasure?  Are you asking me to satisfy your bottomless hunger and insatiable fear?

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10.21908.     AR AR

The problem of the poor is greed, they are very afraid to do useless work, while the income grows from the small and inconspicuous.

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10.22262. A heavenly place.     AR AR

When you do good, don't be afraid to just throw it around.  It doesn't matter that no one needs it and no one takes it.  Sooner or later, flies will fly into the soup and turn it into a Paradise.

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10.22282.     AR AR

What seems useless to you is a necessary stage of experience accumulation, as a result of which everything superfluous and false is eliminated.

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10.22302.     AR AR

You are in a hurry because you are afraid of the future and you are trying to do everything in advance.  You forget that everything done earlier than necessary is a waste of time and energy.  You should focus on the here and now, and tomorrow will take care of itself.

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10.22303.     AR AR

The ease of being is based on the fact that if you do not try to do tomorrow today, and focus on the day today, suddenly it turns out that everything is very simple and easy.  All our haste and fuss are stupid and useless.

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10.22304.     AR AR

The point of time management is that if you do not try to greedily rush time, trying to do tomorrow today, then there is enough time for everything that is needed in excess.  Most of what is done in advance and in reserve is useless.

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10.22425.     AR AR

The speed of time is a constant, and you can't speed up or slow down time.  Haste or attempt to delay something is useless.  Acceleration gives rise to a slowing down and obstruction.  Delays create dams and floods.

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10.22515.     AR AR

Humility is the realization that ideal, truth, order, love, beauty, and hope are infinite and inexhaustible.  In other words, the desire to achieve an ideal and the desire for power (control)  there is pride over the essences of love.

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10.22593.     AR AR

After carefully examining the word meaninglessness, I noticed that the Russian prefix "demon" is very similar to the word "demon", meaning the devil, lies and what is not.

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10.22611. Very useful work.     AR AR

The more meaningless and unnecessary you do, the more you will accumulate a critical mass of lies, which can then be turned into the truth with one easy movement.

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