10.21789.     AR AR

All true deeds are extended in time.  Extension is an act of faith.  The longer the process, the more truth, security, fruitfulness, reality, wonder, and beauty it contains.

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10.16169.     AR AR

Justice is useful because there is a remedy for fear.  Anyone who observes the law is safe under the protection of the law.

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10.11784.     AR AR

The fact that you cross the road at a green light at a pedestrian crossing does not give you a 100% guarantee of safety, but it dramatically reduces the likelihood of an accident.  Accordingly, switching to red in the wrong place is also not a guarantee of disaster.

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9.1226.     AR AR

To  love  what  is  yours  is  the  safest  of  all.  You  risk  getting  beaten  for  loving  what  is  not  yours.

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10.7300. Fear of losing?     AR AR

Humility is the realization that as long as there is fear, we are safe.  Pride is when a person loses fear.

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10.18033.     AR AR

What is fear?  This is an eternal concern for your safety.  They say that's how animals live.  Reasonable people are happy and trust in being.

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10.19338. Pyramid of control.     AR AR

To protect A from B, you start C. to control C, d appears. as a result, the pyramid grows and the monster becomes so strong that it devours the host.  By the way,in the end, a piece of everything was stolen.

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10.19844.     AR AR

They are so afraid because their experience tells them that as long as they are afraid, they are safe.  Their experience does not deceive them, but the excess of fear carries an even greater danger.

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10.20146. There's no hurry.     AR AR

As long as you're in the flow, you're safe.  Do not rush to reach your goal, the slower you run, the longer the joy will last.

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10.20198.     AR AR

In the very sight of death, it is safest, for death is afraid of those who look bravely into its eyes.

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10.21021.     AR AR

In the evolutionary struggle, the weak one wins, because the poor in spirit are blessed and ready to love their enemy.  The fact that predators protect their victims, predators benefit from reproduction and the safety of their food.  The sheep who have placed themselves in the power of a prudent shepherd fall under his iron protection.

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