9.9920.     AR AR

A double standard is when you smart, but fool, no. For smart well, for the fool's poison.

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10.20538.     AR AR

Speed and size allow the bumblebee to break the web.  The fly, on the contrary, should slow down, because it is weak and light.  The fly needs to be very careful not to fall into the clutches of the spider.

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10.21315.     AR AR

The meaning of double standards is that what is good at night is bad during the day... on the contrary, respectively, too.  The values of chaos and order are different.

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9.4094. You can't, but you can.     AR AR

Can or can not-depends only on the inner perfection and uniqueness of man, as well as the Foundation of his philosophy. One can, but others simply will not work.

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9.2655.     AR AR

Тhose  who  are  by  the  sides  of  the  flock  are  the  fall  guys.  They  are  the  weakest,  they  are  sidelined,  they  are  the  first  to  be  sacrificed  to  the  wolves...  But  they  are  potentially  the  strongest,  as  there  is  a  lot  of  food  and  other  opportunities  to  gain  strength  by  the  sides.

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8.7383.     AR AR

Hypocrisy is a frequent companion of cynicism. Cynicism assumes mass of double and triple standards, hypocrisy allows this hide and justify.

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8.4705.     AR AR

Do   you   resent   double   standards?   Calm   down,   they   don’t   exist…   In   fact,   there   are   tens   and   even   hundreds   of   these   standards…

The   more   valuable   a   person   is,   the   more   he   gets.   The   closer   or   more   loved   a   person   is,   the   more   he   is   allowed   to   do.   The   more   beautiful   and   excellent   a   person   is,   the   more   he   is   allowed   to   do…   The   level   of   allowance   is   function   of   a   person`s   value   level...

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7.1227. The unbearable burden of sins.     AR AR

What  Caesar  can  do,  Caesar’s  horse  cannot.  Remember  that  and  never  follow  a  bad  example.  If  someone  can  compensate  for  his  vices  by  his  virtues  or  just  pay  for  them,  it  does  not  mean  you  will  have  enough  strength  and  money  to  do  the  same.

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4.3958. In chains of Vice.     AR AR

Slaves adopt all the vices of their masters, the difference is that masters are strong and can control themselves, and slaves are weak and can not. The hosts infecting the slaves of their vices, so even more enslave them.

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3.3088.     AR AR

The double standard is a Prime example of dichotomous black-and-white thinking.

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3.3089.     AR AR

A system of double standards is different standards Good for yourself and other people.  Inferiority complex raises its standards, megalomania underestimates them.

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