7.3895.     AR AR

Once  human  noticed  the  power  of  fire  and  wanted  to  serve  it,  that’s  what  made  him  sensible.  Hope  and  desire  to  negotiate  with  fire,  tame  it,  share  its  power  created  Human. 

翻訳する: Варвара Учеваткина


7.3894. Long talk with God.     AR AR

It all started with fire. The development of reason in humanity was due to the fact that people were trying to learn to communicate with God. Learn to talk to God. Learn to understand God. Learn to join God. Learn not to anger God. Learn not to turn God into a demon. Learn to seek the love of God. The human mind began with the Hope of divine Love and the Belief that it is possible. 

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6.6340.     AR AR

Fire is knowledge. You want to find fire in your soul, you need to feed fire. Feed the fire through teaching.

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6.5477.     AR AR

Man has always admired fire, once, when a stone fell on a stone, a man noticed a spark. It was the first spark of intelligence that gave birth to the idea that fire can be created. Thus was born the first multi-way combination-stones, grass, fire.

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6.4282.     AR AR

The dragon is the one who controls the fire. The dragon has grasped the truth, the essence of the knowledge of truth is the understanding of the nature of fire. You can control what you understand.

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6.3482.     AR AR

There is no fire in hell, everyone comes with his own. Hell is a collection of sinners, where everyone lives in his own hell, created by his own vices, weaknesses and ignorance.

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6.3329.     AR AR

Primus is a symbol of fire, something that burns, but knows the measure. Fire of mind and thought. Symbol of warmth, happiness, restraint and sanity.

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5.5382.     AR AR

Syntalism   is   the   philosophy   of   fire   ...but   water   and   air   are   also   forms   of   fire.

翻訳する: SD


5.5350.     AR AR

Dividing the whole into its elements, you hardly learn much about the whole. What do you learn about water by dividing it into oxygen and hydrogen? Water extinguishes water, and its parts are the embodiment of fire. That is, we can say that the properties of the whole are opposite to the properties of its parts. Thus the things of which fire is composed are opposite to it.

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5.3759.     AR AR

In fact, electricity, fire, light and heat are one and the same.

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5.3420.     AR AR

The tree of life is the unity of the spirit of the earth, the spirit of water and the spirit of fire...

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5.3348.     AR AR

If God is a tree, the three elements necessary for his life are earth, fire and water. Where land is material, including money and vices. Water (including atmosphere, rain and air) is love. Fire (heat and sun) is passion. The essence of the three elements is to create and serve life, that is, the tree of life.

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5.3182.     AR AR

Monkeys have always had at least four idols... The most cowardly prayed to the bear, for he was terribly afraid. The wood was praying at the tree. The weakest, who were driven away from the tree, began to pray for the cow and the bull, for they saved them from hunger. Well, the most visionary began to pray to the fire, for they noticed that love and passion are the strongest.

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5.1108.     AR AR

The dragon is the one who controls the fire. To control the fire, you need at least not to be afraid of it and be able to handle it.

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3.2415. Electric gods.     AR AR

It only seems that the fire is different, in fact, the fire is always the same.

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4.840. The word is light.     AR AR

The Egyptian word "light" was placed by Moses in the ark of the Covenant. The metaphorical verb of light is a symbol of eternal movement, inexhaustible energy of life. Christ turned this word into a living light, and the candles that Christians light in churches are an echo of this word of truth. Fire, as a symbol of movement, is that which lives while it moves.

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3617. Fire dies out but doesn't get colder.     AR AR

Fire  may  die  out  but  it  never  gives  up.  Fire  will  never  turn  into  water  and  will  never  change  its  essence  and  flame  or  never  become  softer.  Whether  little  or  big  or  small,  strong  or  weak,  fire  will  always  remain  fire. 

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie


3.158.     AR AR

The   truth   is   like   fire.   Both   a   small   fire   and   a   big   fire   are   the   truth.   That's   why   they   say   people   are   all   equal   in   the   sight   of   god/   People   are   people   of   the   truth.   People   of   lies   are   those   who   doesn't   exist.

翻訳する: Varvara Uchevatkina


3.38.     AR AR

The   chosen   one   is   he   who   sparked   the   fire   of   love   in   his   heart.

翻訳する: lushchenko Marina


10.19487.     AR AR

The eternal flame is a symbol of true love, which does not need to beg for handouts to be fed.  The eternal fire draws its energy from such infinite sources as knowledge of truth, service to beauty, etc.

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10.19970.     AR AR

Man is what I call a semi-intelligent fire.  Why Paul? 
– Because I call intelligent fire  God.

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10.19986.     AR AR

Fire is dangerous to overfeed, it is always not enough.  The fire needs to be fed not as much as it wants, but as much as it needs.

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10.20127.     AR AR

Light is an entity inseparable from darkness.  Light is the unity of darkness and fire, and fire in it is not more than 1%.

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10.20142. Eternal fire.     AR AR

Don't be afraid, just burn.

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10.20637. The newfound one does not need light.     AR AR

A candle in the night is pride.  Moths fly into the fire and die.  Why do you need light at night?  There's so much darkness around, take as much as you want.  A huge barrel of honey, eat – I don't want to, and you, a fool, spend all your strength on a war for a fly in the ointment.  There are billions of stars in the night, but the blind create their idols and pray on them, and try to bite each other's throats out of jealousy.

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10.20878.     AR AR

Understanding of a single Father  God and the People who are his children, there is a recognition that  The love of the one.  Love is pure energy, fire, and the first principle of being.  Fire is fire, no matter where he was, and how he hadn't called.  Love is equal to love.

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10.20815.     AR AR

Fire is a symbol that everything is both good and bad, good and evil, harmful and useful.

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10.21091. Shine joyfully.     AR AR

My son, you must subdue your fear and pain.  Enlightenment is the transformation of darkness into light.  Burn joyfully.

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10.21647. Wonderful medicine.     AR AR

Pain heals!  In the fire of our sufferings, all our sins and vices are consumed.  When the fire is burned out, the suffering will go away and a blissful peace will come.

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10.22174.     AR AR

The Phoenix bird is a symbol of the eternal rebirth of the fire of love.  The Phoenix bird is an eternal fire, fed from within.

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10.22200.     AR AR

I don't know what you're praying for, but I've always prayed for the Holy spirit to come to me.  I always do  I wanted to become a home for the Holy spirit.  It always seemed to me that it is very good to have an eternal fire burning in the hearth of your house.

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10.22249. The focus of the mind     AR AR

You can't be without pride. Pride is the desire for life and growth. Pride is the Foundation of the human mind. Pride must be loved and subdued with love. Pride is the fire in the hearth of the human mind.

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10.22297.     AR AR

The clock is a symbol of the suppression of the devil.  The subdued devil is  God and the fire in the hearth.  Unquenchable fire is an all-consuming flame.

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