3.2531. Dances of moth and flame     AR AR

Prudence   will   hint   you   that   love   is   the   greatest   value   in   this   world.   The   one   who   tells   you   «Listen   to   your   prudence,   deny   your   love   »   is   a   dirty   liar

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3.3330.     AR AR

It seems to me that what they call prudence is the cause of all their problems and sufferings.

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3.2850.     AR AR

- That is the classic wisdom? 
- Fear, ignorance, stupidity, poverty, etc.
"What is real prudence?" 
- Love.

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3.3331.     AR AR

Prudence is the love of one's destiny; all other prudence is pride, the source of misery and suffering.

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9.5086.     AR AR

In  bringing  up  boys,  a  woman  should  beware  of  infecting  them  with  her  fear.  That  very  cowardice  that  often  hides  behind  the  mask  of  prudence  is  extremely  harmful  to  heroes  and  hunters.

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9.8635.     AR AR

Reasonableness  prevents  from  obtaining  success  because  reasonableness  resembles  fear...  Success  and  cowardice  are  incompatible.

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10.10664.     AR AR

Smart people wisely pretend not to notice other people's mistakes.  By the way, the word sin is translated as an error.

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10.15696. Discretion.     AR AR

Prudence is always associated with discretion, with small steps, with attention to detail and restraint.

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10.15747. Prudent.     AR AR

Reasonable, discreet, Thrifty, economical, cautious, calculating, prudent, prudent, prudent are all synonyms.

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10.15823.     AR AR

The prudent is the one who understands.  The one who does not understand lives in vanity, anger, fear, and suffering.

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10.18756.     AR AR

Indeed, I am not afraid of you from afar, but I am afraid of you near.  There is nothing strange about this.  You're a dog, dogs bite, I'm afraid you'll bite me.  There is no cowardice in fear, just common sense.

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10.20295.     AR AR

Health should be protected, sacrificing your health for the sake of things and pleasure is not reasonable.

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10.20529.     AR AR

Take it…  Don't run away.  Let go... Don't hold it.  That's the whole secret.  It's very simple.  Don't be a coward.  Be reasonable.  The pain will be sharp, but quick.  Otherwise, your life will turn into hell.

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10.20967.     AR AR

The predator must be restrained, otherwise it will devour all its food and starve to death.  That's why those who can, don't really want to.

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10.21029.     AR AR

Those who love honey will not throw out a barrel of honey because of a fly in the ointment.  Those who love honey will not kill bees because they sting.

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10.21117.     AR AR

The difference between a shepherd and a wolf is that the shepherd is reserved, patient, and reasonable, while the wolf is greedy, impatient, and ignorant.  A shepherd is a wolf in sheep's clothing who loves his enemy.

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10.21757.     AR AR

Before you fall in love with the illusion of feelings or are afraid of them, try to compare this situation with the movie.  You're smart enough not to fall in love with movies and go crazy with horror movies, aren't you?  You should treat all your other emotions in the same way.

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10.22502. Do what is available, dream about the impossible.     AR AR

Do what you can do, even if there are many things that are better but not available.  You should choose the best available.  To suffer for something that is not there is foolishness, ignorance, and pride.

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