6.1052.     AR AR

Following your path means not resisting your destiny, nature creates thousands of Julius Caesars, but only one who first crosses the Rubicon will win. It is like a million sperm, of which one, the fastest and bravest, will win.

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10.11424.     AR AR

All roads lead to Rome...    The main thing is not the road, or even the goal...  the main thing is that you go...

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10.11813.     AR AR

Victory is always not obvious.  Caesar began the war against Gaul with overwhelming superiority of the enemy's forces.  It seems to us that the victory and greatness of Rome were inevitable, but in practice this victory was an act of the greatest heroism and courage.

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10.12013.     AR AR

Caesar's wife is above suspicion, because any imperfection of Caesar's wife will hit Caesar's reputation and self-esteem.

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10.12155.     AR AR

The main purpose of Pilums for Roman legionaries was to distract the enemy's attention during the approach to the enemy, as well as to disable their shields as much as possible.

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10.13012. Love for yourself and others.     AR AR

Not only is Caesar's wife above suspicion.  Beyond suspicion, so are children, friends, partners, and Caesar himself.  Suspicion is when doubt and the weakness of love and faith.  A worthy person should love his or her loved ones as much as he or she loves himself or herself.

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10.13511.     AR AR

When you read stories about Roman and Greek heroes in Plutarch's life, you will strengthen your spirit by realizing your contempt for fear and trouble.

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10.21220.     AR AR

Who understood life, he realized that there are many roads and all of them you can come to Rome.

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