10.12574.     AR AR

How to lift your mood? 
- Ritual movements that give cheerfulness.  Straighten up, straighten your shoulders, tighten your chest ... Say it's all nonsense.  All for the best.  Break through.

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10.12899.     AR AR

Want to Wake up?  Want to cheer up?  Shake your head, shake your head, and go!

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10.12924.     AR AR

A warrior must maintain himself in vigor, courage, unworthiness, integrity, cleanliness, order, and commitment to his goals and perfection.

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10.17669.     AR AR

Imagy therapy is a strange, but soul-saving conversation aimed at getting rid of suffering and achieving cheerfulness and peace of mind.

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10.17833.     AR AR

The love of life is not when you are a drug addict, a slave to vices and idleness.  Love of life is cheerfulness and joy that the world is good and beautiful.

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10.18329. The commandment of good mood.     AR AR

The commandment " Take care of today's day, and let tomorrow's day take care of itself»  this is the commandment of love.  Love is a moment now.  Love is a source of good mood and cheerfulness.

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10.18362.     AR AR

Diseases are the product of fear, therefore, diseases should be treated with courage, sleep, peace and cheerfulness of spirit.

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10.18539.     AR AR

Treat everything with gambling cheerfulness, there is nothing serious in this world.

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10.20797.     AR AR

Those who understand life have stopped laughing, because, first of all, there is not much to laugh about, and secondly, an overdose of emotions is harmful to health.  It is enough that you will be cheerful and restrained smile.

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10.20986.     AR AR

Joy is only good in moderate and very limited quantities.  In real life, there will be enough cheerfulness.  Moreover, you should no longer look for joy, but for pain, so as not to lose immunity to it.  Losing your immunity to pain will turn your life into a creepy place that looks like hell.

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10.21066.     AR AR

Every time I face a new gigantic problem hanging over my head like an axe over a block, I try to encourage myself with the thought that I have seen dozens of such problems before, and each time I managed to benefit from them, and everything was fine.  The thought is not exactly invigorating, but it avoids the paralyzing horror.

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10.21355. The paradigm of pure reason.     AR AR

The   philosophy   of   Syntalism   is   a   bulletproof   philosophy,   in   the   sense   that   it   gives   such   a   charge   of   cheerfulness   and   psychological   protection   to   the   human   mind   that   it   becomes   not   afraid   of   anything   at   all.

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10.21390.     AR AR

Who understood life, the beaver... or cheerful... in General, you need to work and you can not be discouraged.

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10.21391.     AR AR

Cheerful means bright, lively, cheerful, cheerful and cheerful.

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10.21412.     AR AR

Change your attitude to fear.  Fear is a friend, fear is like cold water, do not be afraid to dive into the hole, it is invigorating.

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10.21955. Love your fear.     AR AR

Wow... how to scare... how to scare…  It takes your breath away, your ass is full of pimples.  At first I am paralyzed with fear, but then I think, ... trust being, God is love, love will protect us.  All for the best.  And fear is transformed into cheerfulness and excitement.

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