あなたが体重を減らすのに役立つ思考。 余分な体重との戦争。






7.174.     AR AR

I   know   from   experience   that,   in   order   to   get   rid   of   extra   weight,   all   you   need   is   just   to   eat   less,   and   everything   else   is   nonsense.

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6.2819.     AR AR

Weight   loss   is   an   intellectual   war   the   strength   of   mind   and   of   spirit   wage   with   the   body’s   animal   instincts.   Who   will   be   the   winner:   the   rational   man   or   the   animal?

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6.2843.     AR AR

By   and   large,   hunger   and   abstention   from   passions   cure   almost   all   diseases,   from   diabetes   to   cancer   because   passion   is   the   source   of   all   these   calamities.   This   is   why,   when   you   fall   ill,   it   is   useful   to   fast,   to   pray   and   to   follow   a   virtuous   lifestyle,   in   which   there   are   order,   peace   and   no   passions,   fear   or   sufferings.

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7.192.     AR AR

Metabolic disorder is when the brain uses food as a source of pleasure.

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6.2971.     AR AR

A   regular   day   routine   would   suffice   to   remove   from   your   life   half   of   stress   related   to   darkness,   lack   of   sleep,   difficult   waking   up   and   pain   for   lost   precious   morning   time.   You   should   go   to   bed   early   and   get   up   early,   do   morning   exercises   and   have   a   light   breakfast.

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7.193.     AR AR

Usually the widest bones in humans are in the abdomen.

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10.6275. Forgiveness of sins.     AR AR

You eat because you feel bad, so that you can eat with joy and cheer yourself up.  You feel bad because you're fat and don't like yourself.  The more you eat, the fatter you get.  And you don't love yourself any more.  A squirrel trapped in a wheel does not like itself very much,and therefore suffers.  To break the vicious circle, you need to force yourself to forgive all your sins.

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7.209. The sandwich diet.     AR AR

Spread   a   thick   layer   of   butter   on   bread,   put   cheese   on   it   and   cut   your   sandwich   in   two   halves.   Eat   the   first   half   in   the   morning   and   the   second   one   in   the   evening.   To   make   it   all   tastier,   you   may   have   half   a   glass   of   Coke.   You   can   switch   cheese   and   sausage   every   two   days.

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6.2285.     AR AR

Sweet   and   alcoholic   products   are   extremely   dangerous   to   people   losing   weight,   not   because   they   make   them   fat,   but   because   these   people’s   willpower   and   strength   of   spirit   weaken   while   their   bodies’   desires   grow   stronger   and   the   body   devours   everything   it   cannot   reach.

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7.210. The McDonald's diet.     AR AR

One   hamburger   and   a   glass   of   Cola   in   the   morning,   one   cheeseburger   and   a   glass   of   Cola   in   the   evening.   You   can   switch   them   for   a   change.

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7.994. Night is a fattening time.     AR AR

When   trying   to   lose   weight,   you’d   better   go   to   bed   and   get   up   early   because   you   get   awfully   hungry   in   the   evening   and   at   night   whereas   hunger   makes   you   feel   rather   comfortable   in   the   morning.

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7.213. From one extreme to the other.     AR AR

First,   they   reduce   the   meaning   of   their   lives   to   food   and   get   fat.   Then   they   devote   the   meaning   of   their   lives   to   the   struggle   against   obesity.

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10.5073. Eat like a pig.     AR AR

Whenever you feel the message "eat", go and eat, but not as much as you want, restraining yourself, but on the contrary.  Eat until you're sick.  Eat 10 times as much as usual.  Eat like a pig.

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6.2846.     AR AR

The   easiest   way   to   lose   weight   is   when   you   know   why   you   do   it.   For   instance,   the   rationale   may   be   beauty,   vanity,   sex   or   interest   of   persons   of   the   opposite   sex.   Or,   maybe,   it   is   the   excitement   and   the   desire   to   defeat   the   devil   inside   yourself.

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10.6438.     AR AR

When you get tired and work hard, you don't really want to eat.  Mostly I'm bored and hungry.

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6.404.     AR AR

If   you   want   to   lose   weight,   eat   only   food   and   say   no   to   delicacies.

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10.5503.     AR AR

Delicacies and sweets are very dangerous and harmful to the purse.

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7.216.     AR AR

From   nature’s   viewpoint,   obesity   is   dangerous   to   monkeys:   a   branch   may   break   off   with   their   weight,   and   the   monkey   will   fall   to   death.

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10.5074.     AR AR

Wanted to eat, and there is no, what to do?  Right!  Drink until you burst.  Drink plenty, don't be greedy.

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7.218.     AR AR

To   save   a   person   from   obesity,   he   should   be   starved   and   given   no   food.   If   a   person   is   well   fed,   he   will   be   corpulent   and   tubby.

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7.90. How to deceive yourself.     AR AR

The   less   often   you   eat,   the   more   delicious   food   is   and   the   more   you   enjoy   it.   The   It   craves   for   pleasures   –   food   is   pleasure,   but   the   less   often   and   the   less   you   eat,   the   more   you   enjoy   food.

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4156. For those who want to lose weight.     AR AR

Anything  liquid,  except  water,  should  be  considered  as  food. 

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4.1839.     AR AR

A   diet   is   forever.   A   diet   is   an   eating   style.   If   you   want   to   go   on   a   diet   for   a   week,   a   month   or   until   you   lose   weight,   you   lost   your   fight   against   obesity   from   the   very   start.

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6.2375. A false goal.     AR AR

When,   being   on   a   diet,   you   are   very   hungry…   and   your   body   refuses   to   obey   the   mind   and   stretches   out,   with   its   face   towards   the   fridge,   give   it   a   small   mandarin   and   run   away   at   once.   You   should   have   something   harmless   to   eat   when   you   have   no   strength   left.

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7.1.     AR AR

If   you   want   to   lose   weight,   eat   rotten   food.   You   will   soon   feel   so   much   disgust   for   food   that   you   will   just   be   unable   to   eat   it   any   longer   and   will   quickly   lose   extra   weight.

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7.38.     AR AR

The   subconscious   (the   It)   loves   pleasures   most   of   all.   Food   is   a   pleasure,   but   if   you   start   taking   pleasure   in   weight   loss,   you   will   deceive   the   It,   thus   making   him   your   assistant   in   your   struggle   against   obesity.

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7.43. A high-fat diet.     AR AR

Eat   small   portions,   but   only   high-fat   products.   Then   your   organism   will   decide   that   there   is   no   shortage   of   fats   and   will   start   getting   rid   of   its   stocks.

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7.46. Control what you eat and when.     AR AR

Make   sure   you   do   not   eat   in   between   times,   on   the   go,   without   paying   attention…   First,   food   should   bring   joy   and,   second,   if   you   do   not   control   your   snacks,   you   risk   eating   much   more   than   you   need   and   getting   fat.

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7.60. Weight loss diary.     AR AR

It   is   a   very   good   idea   to   keep   a   weight   loss   diary   in   which   you   put   what   you   eat   and   how   much,   your   daily   weight   and   goals.

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7.91.     AR AR

The   hotter   your   tea,   the   better…   You   will   not   drink   too   much   of   it.

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