4202. Dejavu.     AR AR

You   have   already   played   this   scenario   a   hundred   times,   but   you   still   like   it.

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7.799. Player.     AR AR

There  is  just  36  cards  in  a  pack,  but  one  can  play  them  in  a  very  different  ways.

翻訳する: Варвара Учеваткина


10.6645. Love is everything.     AR AR

If you have love in you, you can't lose.  Even if you lose 99% of the games, you will win the last one (1%) and get 1000% of your net income.  Love is priceless.

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2871.     AR AR

Real  life  games  are  much  more  exciting  than  computer  ones. 

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie


10.14.     AR AR

The difference between games and reality is significant.  In reality, the enemy can Dodge their move, bluff, cheat, and even walk behind us and steal our resources.

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5.927.     AR AR

They love games, well, just loved, let them play, but think about how to make the game useful.

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10.7148. Their Own Game.     AR AR

Don't be upset that you didn't win, on the contrary, be happy.  Defeat is freedom.  Winners become slaves of the game.  Beginners are lucky, the first doses of drugs are free.  It is very dangerous to win someone else's game.  Winning is not about winning someone else's game and becoming the best rat in the rat race.  The victory is to create your own game.

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4.788. The meaning of spinning.     AR AR

The squirrel in the wheel, in order not to go crazy, should always remember that this is just a game. Why was she running? So she looked on and rejoiced. If the audience likes the sight, they will pay and the squirrel will not die of hunger.

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1646.     AR AR

Life  is  a  game.  Hence,  one  will  get  many  opportunities  to  replay  the  same  situations,  repeating  them  until  one  finally  deserves  to  be  moved  up  to  the  next  level.  The  secret  of  success  in  a  game  is,  in  the  first  place,  skills  and  training. 

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie


5.685.     AR AR

People play games, people love games, but real actors live their roles, not play them. The game is always a lie, so the viewer does not believe those who play, but believes those who are sincere in their joys and sufferings.

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2519. A wonderful victory despite any circumstances.     AR AR

There's  a  special  courage  to  fight  when  you  know  you're  going  to  lose.  This  courage  works  miracles.  And  sometimes  miracles  happen... 

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie


4.2625.     AR AR

They say that games are exercises for the mentally retarded, unless it is a game not in real life. Games in real life require great intellectual abilities.

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4.2777.     AR AR

In a real theater, the audience plays themselves, real actors are also honest.

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4.3516.     AR AR

Freedom of choice lies in the fact that a person can choose the game he will play. The game that man knows best, the game he will play.

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5.2455.     AR AR

There are three types of players in this game. The first is unconscious bots. The second is a conscious elected, originating from bots. And there is one main player – God. Say, the game itself is God, some say there are many gods.

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4.49.     AR AR

Syntalism   is   not   a   religion,   not   a   sect,   or   even   a   philosophy.   Syntalism   is   a   mind   game.   A   true   syntalist   believes   in   his   illusions   because   he   loves   them   and   finds   them   useful.   Syntalism   is   what   illusions   turn   into   reality,   and   falsehood   into   truth.   Truth   is   that   which   is   believed   and   loved.   Truth   is   that   which   is   useful   and   beautiful.   Syntalism   creates   truth   by   creating   beauty   and   good.

翻訳する: SD


511.   AR AR

We are like children,
play and wind korim, 
that he didn't notice our sail...

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5.66.     AR AR

He who wants to receive should not ask, but should not commit an act of repulsion.  Can be slightly hinting on their desires.  Card cry likes. 

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5.94.     AR AR

If you ask, then ask from the heart, so that they believe.  Card cry likes. 

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694. [In brevi]     AR AR

A  strong  enemy  is  better  than  a  weak  one  in  many  ways.  As  defeating  him  is  a  feat  and  losing  to  him  is  not  a  shame. 

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie


7.40.     AR AR

Internet and games turn a person into zero, that is an illusion.  Like a squirrel in a wheel, this man runs the world of his illusions, while in the real world nothing changes.

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8.23.     AR AR

Playing  chess  is  useful  for  children  as  it  helps  them  to  see  the  diversity  of  variants  in  moving  fashion. 

The  same  thing  can  be  said  about  real  life  and  the  quickness  of  thinking  many  moves  ahead  may  depend  on  many  factors. 

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie


8.39. The first rule of chess.     AR AR

Kings  hate  each  other  and  cannot  stay  close  to  each  other. 

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie

アートバイ Amateur (Datsenko)



8.86. A win-win situation.     AR AR

Try  to  gain  use  from  anything  that  surrounds  you  or  happens  to  you  and  it  will  save  you  from  any  accidents. 

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie


10.4904. A magnificent bluff.     AR AR

The best is the enemy of the good, because the good is already there and we see it, and the best is the killer who will kill and take his place.  But what is the best? 
"It's a bluff.  It's a dark horse.  What is really there, until the cards are opened, no one knows.

翻訳する: NeuronNet


10.6456. Such a game.     AR AR

"Passion is the sister of excitement" this means that love is a game of chance.  You should approach the subject of your passion with passion, and not be afraid of failures and accidents.

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10.5691.     AR AR

The growth strategy is actually primitive...  Looking for the biggest difficulties, and gladly climb into them with his head, and then with a probability of 38% tear bonus.  It seems that the probability is small, but, in fact, when you play a dozen games, it will give a serious profitability.

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10.5298. A super prize.     AR AR

Hope is realized according to the rule of the Golden section: 38% win against 62% defeat, the average gain of 300% of the bet.  However, the smaller the winning percentage, the greater the win itself.    For example, love, losing even 99% of games, winning once, gets Bingo.

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10.6597. Theory and practice.     AR AR

Children play their computer games, and father God looks at them and smiles.  Let them train, the game will prepare them for real life.  The main thing is not to get stuck in your games for longer.

翻訳する: NeuronNet