愚かさは薬でもある同じ毒です。 愚かさは非常に便利ですが、この愚かな必要性を使用して、どんな武器のように、それは未熟な手で危険なことができます。 愚かさは恐怖や神経症を克服し、不必要な欲望や依存関係を取り除くことができます。 あなたがそれを使う方法を知っていれば、愚かさは美しく、非常に便利です。






8.5041. Everything is possible by stupidity.     AR AR

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8.5458.     AR AR

Life  creates  me  many  reasons  to  think,  because  i'm  a  fool,  but  the  more  I  think  the  smarter  I  get,  and  the  less  reasons  to  think  I  have…

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133.     AR AR

Many  things  happen  to  a  man 
because  he's  a  fool... 
including  good  things... 

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4.16. Leave the Hippo alone.     AR AR

It's not an easy job dragging a Hippo out of the swamp...  Hippo resists and does not want to leave his warm and cozy home.

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4.42.     AR AR

I do not advise you to abuse memory training, the better a person's memory, the more he is an idiot.  Why would he?  He remembers everything by heart.  However, bad memory is also not a sign of a big mind.

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5.68. Fools are very afraid of being fools.     AR AR

The main reason for stupidity is that fools are very afraid that someone will find out about their stupidity.  Hidden behind the solid walls of their minds, stupidity grows and thrives. 

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8.14.     AR AR

It  is  easy  for  fools  to  live  in  the  sense  that  the  less  you  know,  the  better  you  sleep.

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8.48.     AR AR

Only  after  making  thousands  of  mistakes,  I  finally  realized  that  I  was  a  fool  and  began  to  look  for  a  way  out  of  the  situation.

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858. Food for thought.     AR AR

As  soon  as  I  see  silliness  in  something,  I  want  to  destroy  it  at  once  by  creating  wisdom  and  crashing  the  silliness  with  it.  Hence,  I  like  silliness  as  it's  a  source  for  wisdom.  Silliness  is  food  for  wisdom... 

Creating  wisdom  for  no  reason  is  not  sensible...  but  silly  things  are  nice  reasons  for  creating  wisdom. 

翻訳する: Muhortova Natalie


1661.   AR AR

The best way to get rid of passion and silly desires is to fulfil them and soon feel all their hidden dangers.
The best way to get rid of passion is to give in to its temptation.
Beware of your desires... Too much of a good thing is good for nothing.
But in order to realize it, it's necessary to experience it first.

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2249.     AR AR

The  best  helper  of  a  wise  man  is  a  fool.  The  stupidity  of  fools  is  endless.  As  they  are  ready  to  endlessly  produce  a  stream  of  endless  stupidity.  A  wise  man  only  has  to  follow  a  fool  and  turn  the  carbon  of  stupidity  into  diamonds  of  wisdom... 

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2259. About the use of ignorance.     AR AR

Ignorance  is  power.  The  less  you  know  the  better  you  sleep.  Hence,  there's  no  fear  in  the  soul.  And  as  is  known,  fearless  people  are  terribly  powerful. 

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2619. Wisdom.     AR AR

The  sense  of  moderation  of  mind  means  sometimes  giving  the  reins  to  passions  and  silly  desires. 

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2638. A fool.     AR AR

It's  necessary  to  treat  others  with  indulgence.  Mistakes  make  people  stronger  and  smarter  and  it's  only  overcoming  mistakes  that  makes  people  better.  A  teacher  who  blames  a  pupil  who  makes  mistakes  while  learning,  is  a  fool.  As  someone  who  never  makes  mistakes  is  probably  the  worst  pupil  who  doesn't  feel  like  learning  anything. 

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4354. A vaccination of stupidity     AR AR

A  vaccination  with  a  weakened  virus  of  stupidity  can  help  a  child  become  resistant  to  some  major  stupidity. 

That's  why  it's  rational  not  to  stop  a  child  from  doing  minor  stupid  things  as  they  will  make  a  child  smarter. 

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6.255.     AR AR

Do not try to appear smarter than a fool, on the contrary, pretend to be even stupider than him, it will blind him even more.

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7.127.     AR AR

Foolishness  and  lies  are  the  mechanisms  that  allow  paradoxes  to  exist.  There  are  a  lot  of  things  that  shouldn't  exist,  but  they  do  exist  because  of  foolishness  or  lies.

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