10.2567. True love.     AR AR

You laugh at the moths that they fly to the fire and burn in it, but that is the metaphor of true love.  Take the example of moths how to love.

Traduci: NeuronNet


3.2531. Dances of moth and flame     AR AR

Prudence   will   hint   you   that   love   is   the   greatest   value   in   this   world.   The   one   who   tells   you   «Listen   to   your   prudence,   deny   your   love   »   is   a   dirty   liar

Traduci: Varvara Uchevatkina


3.2560.     AR AR

A moth flies in the fire, because fears death, he naively believes, that the fire this life.

Traduci: NeuronNet


3.2571.     AR AR

Moths flying into the fire, what do they know about life?   
"They think life is fire.   
"Is that so?"   
- No, life is a void in which a fire burns.

Traduci: NeuronNet


4.1350.     AR AR

Do you know why moths fly so fearlessly into the fire and burn in it? They feel the true nature of things and their desires. They feel what they need and get what they need. Moths a death, and death they get.

Traduci: NeuronNet


4.1597.     AR AR

The illusion of salvation is perhaps the lie that kills the last chance of salvation. When moths fly into the fire, they seem to hope to escape the cold and fear of the night.

Traduci: NeuronNet


4.1555.     AR AR

Angels of light are not afraid of the demons of darkness, because the angel's fire, demon's passionate moth or angry mosquito flying into the fire to burn from lust, or hatred.

Traduci: NeuronNet


5.3864. The squirrel that escaped the wheel.     AR AR

A small moth, flying through the abyss of night on the fire, like an interstellar traveler, fearlessly flying at the speed of light towards his dream.

Traduci: NeuronNet


6.3934.     AR AR

Love is the fire that flying moths hatch from the admiring eyes of passion. In principle, if you look away, you can be saved, but it is easier to pull out the eye than to avoid temptation.

Traduci: NeuronNet


6.4209.     AR AR

Plants are drawn to the light is then that the moths fly into the light.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.2566. Metaphor of love.     AR AR

Moths fly to the fire and die because it is a sacrifice in the name of love.  Love must be fed or it will die.  Thank God you're not a moth, and you don't have to go into the fire yourself.  You can feed the fire with wood and other energy.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.7224.     AR AR

There is salvation, but how can you save the moths that are looking for salvation in the fire?

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.7227.     AR AR

How to save moths from the fire? 
– Is it necessary?

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.9073.     AR AR

The problem with 1% of fear, which is invincible and inevitable, is that fear is like a fire in the night, and you are a moth flying into the light.  If you overcome fear and turn into darkness, you will be saved.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.12094.     AR AR

The moths that fly into the fire and burn in it are those who cannot resist the temptation of sweet pleasure.  Moths, seeing the concentrated pleasure, in a hurry to disappear in it.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.12244.     AR AR

Who is a sinner? 
"It's an insect." 

How to fight insects? 
"Insects are slaves to vices; they cannot resist the sticky temptations of pleasure.  Lustful moths fly to the fire and get stuck in the sweet.  Give them the pleasure of burning in hell.  Let them burn and rejoice.  Let them die.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.16320.     AR AR

Love is the desire for beauty, but the proud see only the light at the end of the tunnel and are like blind moths, greedily feeling the heat and flying into the fire.  Those who have found reason, have seen clearly, know that everything is beauty and beauty does not need to be owned, it is enough that it is and our whole world is beautiful.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.16701.     AR AR

The mysteries of Hermes teach us what faith means.  The test of fire is faith, the realization of what is expected.  The moth flies fearlessly towards the fire, flies to death, flies to a dead end, but knows that by showing care, it will be saved, and at the last second everything will be fine.  The test of water is faith, as the certainty of the unseen.  You dive into the black, opaque water and swim through the tunnel, hoping that there is a passage there and you will not drown.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.18386.     AR AR

The dance of the flame and the moth is the dance of a wretched idolater around his idol.  The moth is a metaphor for a weak and cowardly person who does not know how to love, but who in his pride desires power over fire.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.19480. Fire requires humility.     AR AR

Female fire, of course, attracts moths, but moths in the fire quickly burn up and disappear forever.  Predators also look at the fire with curiosity, but sensibly avoid it.  Fire needs a reasonable person who will show restraint and care about fire.  You can't overfeed the fire, you can't climb into it with your face and body, but you need to take it lightly  feed.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.19816.     AR AR

In a soup with flies, the most valuable thing is the soup, not the flies.  In a worm-eaten Apple, the Apple is valuable, not the worm.  However, while the moths fly into the fire, we warm ourselves by the fire.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.20637. The newfound one does not need light.     AR AR

A candle in the night is pride.  Moths fly into the fire and die.  Why do you need light at night?  There's so much darkness around, take as much as you want.  A huge barrel of honey, eat – I don't want to, and you, a fool, spend all your strength on a war for a fly in the ointment.  There are billions of stars in the night, but the blind create their idols and pray on them, and try to bite each other's throats out of jealousy.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.20640. There's enough room in hell for everyone.     AR AR

Moths do not just fly into the fire, they also push and fight, interfering with each other.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.20661.     AR AR

What is pride?  Lust for Vice!  Thirst  the moth goes to hell.  The proud like hell very much; the devil has deceived them by building a hell much better than Paradise.  The proud are ready to bite each other's throats for the right to be in hell.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.20662.     AR AR

Light in the night is a trap for the ignorant Midge.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.21343.     AR AR

Don't be afraid of future fears.  Fear of speaking in front of the dead end and fire.  But that will be in seven days, and today you can still move and grow…  Go straight into the fire, but look carefully around, somewhere on the side there will be a detour.

Traduci: NeuronNet


10.21398.     AR AR

The essence of the incredible ease of being is that in order to get to hell, you need to make a great effort.  Hell is full and there are no places.  Moths are ready to bite each other's throats for the right to be in hell.  In Paradise, on the contrary, it is free and spacious.  No one needs Paradise except those who have love in them.

Traduci: NeuronNet


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