3.29. Don't move.     AR AR

Turning the lights on or off is very simple. 

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5.99.     AR AR

Isaac   Babel’s   short   story   Di   Grasso   clearly   illustrates   the   Zen   concept   according   to   which,   if   a   room   is   dark,   all   you   should   do   to   remedy   the   situation   is   to   turn   the   light   on.   Do   what   you   are   most   afraid   of,   and   this   will   instantly   transform   hell   into   paradise.

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5.1159.     AR AR

Everyone who lit a candle, let him give it to another. When thousands and thousands of candles Shine in the darkness, morning will come.

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5.1220. Turn on the light.     AR AR

In just one second, the abyss of hell is replaced by Paradise by a small and insignificant movement, in which the other will not see even hope. 

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5.1221.     AR AR

A miracle is when turned on the light. Indifferently and without any pathos in the operating mode turned on the light is a miracle.

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10.9355.     AR AR

When it's dark, you need to turn on the light.  Light is hope.  When there is no hope, the soul becomes dark.

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10.11782. Thousands of candles.     AR AR

You are looking for a great God in the sky, but what you are looking for is a forest that consists of trees.  What you are looking for is a large fire that consists of small fires.

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10.11841.     AR AR

The light of the candle inspires the darkness and it turns into light.

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10.14600. The power of light.     AR AR

The vast and infinite darkness is so weak that it can't even cope with a small and weak candle.

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10.18218.     AR AR

The candle flame is not afraid of the ocean of darkness.

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10.18503.     AR AR

What is the universe?  1% of light in the realm of infinite darkness?

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10.19358.     AR AR

The light is so good that the darkness runs to it.  Light does not need any effort to master the darkness.  The idea that darkness should be captured is pride.

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10.19996.     AR AR

This repentance is, in fact, enlightenment, that is, a change and clarification of the mind.  Where before there was darkness, there is light, and the one who was considered an enemy becomes a friend.

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10.20200.     AR AR

Out of joy  Be proceeds  Power.  Truth knows no fear.  Truth, like a candle in the night, turns darkness into light, and fear into joy.

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10.20442.     AR AR

They do not believe in people, but in people, because initially a person may not have faith in himself.  When there is no self-belief, a person is filled with lies and fear.  However, if you believe in a person, then you can ignite their faith in themselves, and then the fear and lies will die, and the person will be able to perform a miracle.

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10.20638.     AR AR

The meaning of enlightenment is to love darkness at night and light during the day.  And don't forget to take a pinch of light in the night and a pinch of darkness in the day to sell to those who do the opposite.

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10.21068. Turn on the light.     AR AR

To succeed in life, you need to look at the world through the paradigm of hope.  Look at problems, troubles, and bad luck as good luck and a good opportunity.  Gather all your willpower, and, with a crunch and crackle, switch the paradigm inside yourself, turn on the light.

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10.21456.     AR AR

To turn on the light, the light must be extinguished.

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10.21571. Brainstorming.     AR AR

If you think you have only a few options, you are clearly blind.  You should have at least an infinite number of options.  Look around carefully and try to do something very crazy and strange, but extremely simple and worthless, but with hope... without hope is not possible.

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10.21623. Gray mouse.     AR AR

In the tale of the Hen  Ryaba, Golden egg is a symbol of idolatry, the source of weight problems.  Moreover, all will save and destroy the idol something small and insignificant. 

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10.21805.     AR AR

Truth is elegant and simple.  The most correct solution is very simple and similar, as if to turn on a light.  Complexities produce the opposite of the truth.

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