2329.   AR AR

Theoretical  wisdom  almost  doesn't  work  in  practice. 

Előszó: Muhortova Natalie


3.411.   AR AR

Universal wisdom is theory, and one's own wisdom is practice.

Előszó: NeuronNet


7.551.   AR AR

Theorist is a strategist, tactician is a practitioner.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.434. Practice and theory.   AR AR

In catching birds of fortune great factor theory...  When to catch, where to catch, what to catch, what to lure, etc.Then we move on to practice.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.435. Indivisible entities.   AR AR

Right and wrong are the same as theory and practice.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.443.   AR AR

Theory is absolute knowledge and practice is relative knowledge.  The relativity of the theory with respect to the "here and now" makes it dependent on speed, time and place.

Előszó: NeuronNet


4.1670.   AR AR

The solution to any problem begins with the study of theory. The problem and everything that concerns it need to know. You need to consult with books, the Internet and smart people. Knowing a problem kills the fear of it.

Előszó: NeuronNet


4.1892.   AR AR

A new dream requires new knowledge, so start each new goal with reading, consulting and learning theory.

Előszó: NeuronNet


4.2438.   AR AR

Awareness is theory and reality is practice, these two should be in dialectical unity.

Előszó: NeuronNet


4.2938. Theory is a paradigm.   AR AR

If you look at reality through the eyes of a theory, the paradigm of this theory will distort reality accordingly.

Előszó: NeuronNet


4.2939.   AR AR

The reality seriously changes depending on what theory to look at it.

Előszó: NeuronNet


9.1232.   AR AR

Thought is the theory, actions, or practice. Usually practice is very far from theory.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.5285.   AR AR

Experience allows us to find out in practice the factors that can be controlled, those that can not and those that are not defined.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.3325.   AR AR

Causes are related to consequences through chance and probability theory.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.3753.   AR AR

Theoretical fears and hopes are many times different from real ones.  Theory and practice are like two mockups at different scales.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.3762. Top and bottom view.   AR AR

Theory and practice are two entities whose main task is mutual control.  Theories have illusions, practices have fear, addictions, and night blindness.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.4102.   AR AR

Experience is the knowledge of the real world, the reinforcement of theoretical knowledge by the real practice of life.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.4278.   AR AR

You cannot know truth from books, because books are illusion and truth is reality.  Experience is the source of truth.  However, it is desirable to know what to look for.  Books are theory and experience is practice.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.4279.   AR AR

Truth is reality, so it is inseparable from man and his circumstances.  It takes personal experience to turn theory into practice.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.4491.   AR AR

Theory without experience and personal practice application of this lies and fantasy.  Theorists, visionaries.  However, practice without theory is weak.  Theory develops practice, makes it stronger, brings novelty and growth to it.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.4497.   AR AR

The theory of this understanding, and the experience is an experience.  When combined, these two give rise to the enlightenment.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.4503.   AR AR

Theory is a top view, practical experience is a bottom view.  Combining, both these visions give a holistic vision of being.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.4509.   AR AR

Theory is the ultimate universal truth that still needs to be adapted to " Who?  What?  Where?  When?".

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.4845.   AR AR

Experience is the cure for fear.  The point of practice is to get rid of the fear of theory.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.4924.   AR AR

I see here the unity of theory and practice, Yin and Yang.  Love without reason is monstrous.  A mind devoid of love is not beautiful either...

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.5278.   AR AR

The meaning of life experience is to turn theory into practice, to get rid of fear and gain confidence in yourself, that is, faith.  In the absence of a theory of experience creates fear.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.6152.   AR AR


10.6139.   AR AR


10.6138.   AR AR


10.6134.   AR AR


10.5788.   AR AR

Theoretical, devoid of practice and personal experience, knowledge of reality, generates fear, laziness and weakness.  As the mind becomes immersed in theory, it loses its immunity to reality and becomes sensually tender.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.5527.   AR AR

Practice is a theory limited by real circumstances.

Előszó: NeuronNet


10.2054.   AR AR

Faith is a fusion of theory and practice, knowledge and experience.

Előszó: NeuronNet


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