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3.263.   AR AR

Uncertainty is the absence or weakness of faith, and hence the mortal sin of despondency, the cause of many sufferings.

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3.537.   AR AR

Envy   is   one   of   the   forms   of   fear,   vanity   and   stupidity.   The   worm   of   envy   kills   love   and   faith.   Man   cannot   love   whom   he   envies.   The   main   sins   of   the   jealous   are   mendacity,   betrayal,   subversion   and   so   on.

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3.633.   AR AR

Pride is when there is no humility and it is a mortal sin.  And you have no idea what humility is and that's the second mortal sin called ignorance.

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3.634.   AR AR

The   very   first   deadly   sin   is   ignorance   because   God   is   truth.

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3.682.   AR AR

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  "Do not judge," but you, full of good intentions, begin to judge and go astray and come to hell.  Fair enough.  The desire to judge is a sin of pride, a mortal sin. 

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3.730. God killer.   AR AR

Fear   is   a   deadly   sin,   generating   avarice,   greed,   anger   and   hubris.   Fear   is   a   murder.   A   coward   is   a   killer   of   love   and   faith.

Előszó: Varvara Uchevatkina


3.743.   AR AR

Stupidity is ignorance, that is, ignorance of the truth, that is, falsehood.  Stupidity and ignorance is the mortal sin of lying.

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4.122.   AR AR

The   first   road   to   hell   is   fear.   The   second   one   is   lie.   The   third   one   is   greed.   The   4th   one   is   avarice.   The   5th   one   is   ignorance   and   stupidity.   The   6th   one   is   anger.   The   7th   is   dejection,   lack   of   faith   and   dream.   There   are   other   roads   too,   but   the   first   seven   ones   will   suffice   you,   I   guess.

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4.238.   AR AR

Doubt is a terrible sin, for lack of faith is the mortal sin of despondency.

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4.291.   AR AR

Telling yourself to do something and not doing it, you will commit the worst sin of all possible-lie to yourself.

Előszó: NeuronNet


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