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3.1408. Gymnastics for mind.     AR AR

Rake is an example of stagnation and stereotypical thinking.  To cross the rake, requires flexibility thinking. 

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3.1409.     AR AR

Rake is pride.  Stepping on the same rake is pride.  A person needs humility to change his point of view and admit that he is wrong.

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3.1410. Travel posts.     AR AR

The rake is a guide for the squirrel in the wheel.  "You're going the right way, comrade!"- says the squirrel, once again stepping on the same rake. 

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3.1411.     AR AR

The   same   rake   is   love…

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8.5961.     AR AR

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8.6221. Anything that doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.     AR AR

Internal IT person loves a rake, now that It knows what the rake does not kill, It implies that they are without any fear you can step endlessly.

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पुस्तक की शुरुआत

4.518.     AR AR

अनुभव भ्रामक है, आप दो बार एक ही पानी में प्रवेश नहीं कर सकते क्योंकि. सच कल एक झूठ आज है. कल के झूठ आज की सच्चाई है.

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