10.19599. A blank white sheet.     AR AR

Initially, the world is a perfect blank white sheet.  Perfection has reached a critical mass, and the process of decay and division has begun, that is, the generation of new forms.  The black leaf is something that does not exist, in the sense that the process of falling into eternity is infinite.  The limit of forms that a blank white sheet can contain tends to infinity.

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10.19612.     AR AR

Everything is a process of dividing one into many.  There is an absolute whose disintegration produces a variety of forms that are essentially indistinguishable from each other.

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10.19659. Divide and conquer.     AR AR

What you call evolution is the disintegration and division of the whole into many things.  The whole, expanding outward, absorbs simple energy and orders it within itself.  What you call order is division.  Order, dividing the streams of energy, dominates them.

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10.19747.     AR AR


There was no big Bang.  The universe was a point, and it remains a point.  We all live in a point.  On the one hand, the universe is a division of a point within itself.  On the other hand, the universe resembles an hourglass, where division and growth inwards generate growth outwards.


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10.21233. Eraser.     AR AR


Let there be light!  The creation of light was an act of destruction of darkness, the further process of disintegration of light is an act of creation of darkness.  Perfection is darkness.  That is, in fact, the creation of the world began with taking an eraser and erasing a part of nothingness to make room for a new creation.


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10.21304.     AR AR

The meaning of existence is that the disintegration of the system is the pursuit of perfection.  To achieve perfection, you don't need any effort, you just need to relax and leave yourself to the endless fall into the abyss.  Black is perfection, and white is imperfection.

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10.21843. Hourglass.     AR AR

Reality is a kind of disintegration of ideas from non-existence.  Ideas from non-existence seek a way out into reality.  Ideas in non-existence are under great pressure, and in being they seem to fall through and fly down.  Thus, the implementation of ideas in reality requires restraint, not tension.

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10.21455.     AR AR

Growth does not require any effort, growth is a disintegration, it is an explosion, it is like falling into an abyss.  If you relax and don't twitch, you can run endlessly.

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10.21991.     AR AR

The system is due to the division within themselves is growing.  Multiplying through division, the system expands outward.

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10.22137.     AR AR

Time and space are one.  The process of creating the universe was associated with the stretching of space, therefore, there was a parallel stretching of time.  We can say that stretching in time is the process of disintegration within the system, and stretching in space is its expansion outward.

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10.22219.     AR AR

Time and space are one in the sense that space is the result of the disintegration of the one-dimensional essence of time into a three-dimensional essence. In the process of this decay, energy is released from which our world is created.

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