7.90. How to deceive yourself.     AR AR

The   less   often   you   eat,   the   more   delicious   food   is   and   the   more   you   enjoy   it.   The   It   craves   for   pleasures   –   food   is   pleasure,   but   the   less   often   and   the   less   you   eat,   the   more   you   enjoy   food.

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10.20646. Corrupting people is harmful.     AR AR

An overdose of pleasure and strong emotions generates attention disorders, inattention

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10.20654.     AR AR

A smart person sublimates boredom into useful activity, and a fool spends priceless time on pleasures and vices.

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10.20944.     AR AR

The greatest pleasure in life is to do good and throw it into the water.  All other types  pleasure breeds fear…  Love is when you do good and throw it in the water.  All other definitions of the word "love»  you already know.

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10.21297.     AR AR

The squirrel in the wheel has no other purpose than its own pleasure, which is why it runs all the time around itself.

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10.21344. The unity of pleasure and fear.     AR AR

You should train your sensitivity to fear.  Go for fear, provoke negativity.  Automatically, as the resistance to fear increases, the dependence on pleasure will fall.

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10.21392.     AR AR

Pleasure can be received in different ways, joyfully even when you are beaten.  When you are beaten, you are hardened like steel, and you are glad that you are getting stronger.

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10.21403.     AR AR

You can become a drug addict from many things, any limited and acute joy generates dependence.  Morning half-sleep is especially dangerous.  Try to get up as quickly as possible and go to wash.  The more you lie in bed, watching the last sweet dreams, the more procrastination it will generate during the day.

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10.21408.     AR AR

I admit that I spent a lot of time on realizing my dreams, but no more than you do on entertainment, games, dreams, and so on  pleasure.  Serving the dream is my greatest pleasure.

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10.21409. Idolatrous people.     AR AR

Paradoxically, those people who have the least joy in life are pleasure-dependent people who have overdosed on pleasure and concentrated it into dots, clusters, and idols.

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10.21460.     AR AR

It should be understood that pleasure and joy are not values, pain is much more useful.  The more pain, the better, and pleasure is a medicine only in small quantities.  Moreover, what you call pain is pleasure in large quantities.

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10.21477.     AR AR

If you have only one source of joy left in your life and it is focused, you should let it go.  Give yourself completely to your pleasure, and it will quickly exhaust itself.  This should be done in order to whitewash everything that you now consider black.

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10.21482.     AR AR

Pride (neurosis and depression)  this is a clever drug lie (self-deception), when the mind, dependent on pleasure, specifically fills the world with suffering and pain, in order to turn pleasure into a pea, to enjoy it as much as possible.  Pleasure concentrates are a very powerful drug.

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10.21491.     AR AR

The search for truth is cooler than sex and drugs.  Debauchery drains our strength, and truth is a source of infinite strength and joy.

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10.21584. If only you could control your pride.     AR AR

Pride precedes falling, because pride likes to lie down... while life is movement.  It is hard for a proud man to walk, he goes only to reach the goal and lie down.  The meaning of being a proud man is not a movement or even a goal, but he likes to sleep, lie down, idleness and pleasure.

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10.21591. The curve.     AR AR

To love your pleasure is to love yourself, and it means pride.  It's not bad that you love yourself, but it's bad when you only love yourself.  This misalignment creates in you a thirst for power and love.  The search for pleasure, joy, escape from pain, attempts to get pleasure and joy from other people washed away the lives of the proud.  All for yourself ... all for yourself.  Where is the service  God?

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10.21672.     AR AR

Pride precedes a fall, and it is not even that the greedy will stumble or fall into a pit.  Everything is much more banal.  Pride is a thirst  pleasure.  The proud man will climb into the hole and lie down to rest himself.  The meaning of being a proud man is to lie down and sleep.  Proud people love dreams.

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10.21652.     AR AR

To love yourself is not to love your pleasure.  To love yourself is to have love in you and serve that love.

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10.21829. Fire, water, and copper pipes.     AR AR

Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask.  Don't trust the fire.  Don't be afraid of water.  Don't ask for copper pipes.  Copper pipes it is necessary to preserve the impartiality and restraint.  Copper pipes are the temptation of pleasure, vanity, power, wealth, lust, etc.

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10.22197.     AR AR

What is love?  - Service.  True service is joyous, but this joy comes from within, not from without.  Pride is a false service that wants to receive joy from outside.  Pride demands payment for its service; it is not the service that pleases it, but the reward for it.

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10.22227.     AR AR

It is a big mistake to turn a loved one into your drug and source of pleasure.  First, do not create an idol for yourself, and secondly, the addict automatically tries to control his drug, which creates a chronic conflict, which is impossible to win.  From this point of view, finding love in an Idea and serving it is a much better option.  What can prevent you from serving your idea?

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