10.12630.     AR AR

The path from 80% to 100% of the level of perfection, which takes 80% of the effort, is necessary because you can either grow or degrade.  First you slowly go to perfection, then you slowly degrade.  The situation allows you to taste the fruits of your perfection and enjoy life for a long time.

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10.18777.     AR AR


In the law  Pareto talks about 80% of efforts giving 20% of income, and claims that they are useless.  This is a misconception.  The point is, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  For the best to happen, you need to do a lot of useless work to prepare for the worst, and if you don't do it, the best will not happen.


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10.7269.     AR AR

We do the useless to make the useful work.  In order for 20% to bring 80% of the revenue, you need 80% of useless efforts that give no more than 20% of the revenue.

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10.7270. The creation of the volume.     AR AR

Pareto's law cannot be divided.  If you remove 80% of the useless effort, you just reduce the volume of the system, and it collapses.  Pareto's law is a consolation for those who ask: "Why do I make so many stupid and useless efforts?»

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10.7725. Fear is treated with joy.     AR AR

Miraculous cures work because 80% of diseases are psychosomatic in nature, that is, simply invented.

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10.8988.     AR AR

Pareto's law does not work at the "80 by 20" level, but at the Golden ratio – 68 by 32.

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10.8989.     AR AR

If you follow the Pareto law and remove 80% of the inefficient from the system, then the remaining 20% will be divided into the same 80 and 20, as a result, you will have 5 times less good.

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10.9700.     AR AR

The first 80% of the way you run, getting used to the pain, in the last 20% you give your best.  When you reach the end, you are filled with joy and delight.

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10.11560.     AR AR

Truth is good, but focusing on truth leads to the loss of up to 80% of the potential truth.  The fact is, most of what you think is false is also true.  Therefore, it is more profitable to take a lie for the truth than to deny the lie and lose the truth.

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10.12528. Lack of integrity.     AR AR

The pride is that after doing 80% of the work, spending 20% of the effort, to think that you have reached perfection and, stopping, fall into the sin of greed and stop further perfection.  Greed-spend the other 80% of the time.  Greed to find another perfection and laziness to spend energy for the remaining 20% of perfection.

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10.12561. 3 hours a day.     AR AR

The number 666 (the devil's number) is the number of days (2 years of work) that are required to reach the first level of perfection by working and focusing your attention for 3 hours a day.  We are talking about 10,000 hours needed to achieve perfection and success, with 20% of the effort giving 80% of the result.  The remaining 80% of the effort will be available only to those who have true love and perseverance.  Achieving a full level of excellence requires 10 years of work for 3 hours a day.

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