10.1197.     AR AR

Who are you and what have you brought?  "I am the wind that brings rain from the North.  The hurricane will shatter all your glass illusions, you will cry on the ruins of your false ideals.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.1547.     AR AR

The meaning of a speck in someone else's eye is that the mirror can not be broken only on one side.  If there's a crack on one side, there's a crack on the other.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.1650.     AR AR

"I" is something that is tied to its glass house.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.1651.     AR AR

The glass house is a metaphor for a snail.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.18619.     AR AR

As long as you live in fear, you live in illusions.  To get rid of fear, you need to break all your illusions and, stepping on their fragments with your bare feet, take a step into the real world.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.18720.     AR AR

A proud man is a man who has a log in his eye.  A proud person is someone who lives in a glass house.  Ask a proud man about a log and a glass house, and he will deny everything angrily.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.18797.     AR AR

In weak and sensual natures, a drop in their self-esteem kills any joy in life, and provokes thoughts of suicide.  It is worth such a person to fall from the height of their illusions or break their glass house, and all ... the unbearable pressure on their loved one will suffocate miserably with their own hands.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.19227.     AR AR

To escape, you will have to sacrifice your illusions, you will have to break the glass house.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.19574.     AR AR

Life is really a dream.  Sleep is a game, and all our goals, worries, joys, and anxieties are only ephemeral illusions.  On the other hand, what do you think reality is like?  What will happen to you when you Wake up?  Reality is a blank slate, and you are a killer who needs to kill time.  Your dreams should be cherished and valued.  Your dreams and illusions are the only things you have.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.19730.     AR AR

Glass house of lies needs to be broken by the stones of truth.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.19762.     AR AR

Armageddon and the resurrection of the dead is the awakening of people from the dream of illusions, fear and lies.  Hell is a dream, reality is heaven.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.19795.     AR AR

Repentance is all words in reverse.  Everything you thought was true is a lie, and everything you thought was false is the truth.  Our task is to break the glass house of illusions, but to break and not to cry, but to break and rejoice.  The killer is happy.  The destruction of illusions is joyous.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.19936.     AR AR

Wholeness comes when illusions, broken into tiny fragments, are fused into a whole.

תרגם: NeuronNet


6.7.     AR AR

Liars live in a glass ball of their illusions.  A collision with the truth is like a stone flying into a glass and breaking it.  Liars fear the truth, and who in anger, who in horror be going on it or from it.  Lies hate the truth.

תרגם: NeuronNet


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