9.6709. A source of inspiration.     AR AR

Signs and signs is such a wonderful thing that can be interpreted depending on the mood and cheerfulness. A cheerful spirit sees a good sign in everything.

תרגם: NeuronNet


9.7210.     AR AR

If a fool thinks something is stupid and nonsense, it is a sure sign that before you something very valuable.

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9.9087. Signs of destiny.     AR AR

Use  even  the  most  insignificant  reason  for  the  most  significant  movement.

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10.2105.     AR AR

Signs are something unusual and strange.  Signs are something unusual, hidden in the usual place in plain sight.

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10.2261.     AR AR

Don't fight the characters, don't fight destiny.  If the accident something hard and bravely stopping, hail.  A clear sign you see that kills all doubts.

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10.10850.     AR AR

You only have to spit on your hands and do it in a hat, Goethe used to say, when starting a new business.  An initializing ritual that gives inspiration, hope, and courage ...  useful for business success.

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10.12331.     AR AR

If you see a sign, follow it, don't doubt it, the signs don't lie.  The signs will show you everything your intuition wants.

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10.11946. Good sign.     AR AR

Look for good signs, they inspire.

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10.13447.     AR AR

On Christmas night, I saw a real miracle of beauty and it was a good sign.

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10.17390.     AR AR

The meaning of astrologers ' predictions is that life is subject to rock, but the truth is that everyone can choose their own rock.

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10.18843.     AR AR

Everyone has their own signs, this is the meaning, so that you can see your sign, invisible to anyone else.  Your ability to see your signs comes from a paradigm of your goals and desires.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.20122.     AR AR

Nothing happens just like that, everything that happens to you, in one way or another, is connected with your mission in life.

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10.20148. It's time to act.     AR AR

Each new difficulty or trouble should be responded to as an excuse and a sign to implement one of those actions that have long been overdue, but were held back.

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10.20812.     AR AR

When everything is very bad-it inspires hope... the Hour before dawn is the darkest.

תרגם: NeuronNet


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