10.12451. Cognition of the point.     AR AR

When you focus on a point, you will notice that the point is not as simple as it seems.  The point is constantly changing.  A point generates a stream of information.  You fall into a point and realize that this is not a point, but the whole universe.

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10.19146.     AR AR

Following simplicity, you will come to the absolute.  To the very starting point from which the universe originated.  If you do not stop and go further beyond this point, you will find with interest that there are an infinite number of such grains of sand around.

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10.19310.     AR AR

Each point  self-sufficient enough to become the universe on its own if desired.

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10.19433.     AR AR

The truth is scalable.  In fact, truth is what is loved and what is believed.  Love can give truth any form, from a point to the universe and an infinite variety of any other forms.

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10.20686.     AR AR

Yin and Yang are the very point from which the universe originated.  The grain is unity  Yin and Yang.

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10.20715.     AR AR

The principle of negation of negation, combined with the principle of tolerance, humility and freedom of thought, allows you to infinitely multiply the energy of the system on the same basis.  You can take any point and turn it into the universe.

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10.21919.     AR AR

The universe arose from a point and everything is that point.  You are also part of this point, which is everything.


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10.22052. Inside the point.     AR AR

Forms are equal to each other, just as illusions are equal to each other.  The content is just one point divided within itself into an infinite number of forms.  The power of forms over each other and the point is ephemeral.

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10.22162. The ongoing big Bang.     AR AR

There is no expansion of the universe, there is a process of stretching the space of the universe.  Proof of this is the decrease in the density of matter in the universe.  In parallel, there is a process of adding time to a point, expressed in the process of accumulating past time and concentrating it into a single entity.

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3.82.     AR AR

Truth   is   progression   and   Scalability.   Truth   is   simultaneously   a   point   and   an   entire   universe.

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8.995. Primary point.     AR AR

Being  everywhere,  always  and  in  all  its  conditions  at  the  same  time,  point  is  like  Universe.  People  and  scenarios  are  very  similar,  with  many  conventional  models.  Library  of  models  is  no  as  big  as  it  seems  at  first  sight.

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