10.20387. Offended by the person's life.     AR AR

Most  vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorder are the sort of people whose religion calls proud.  Psychology calls these people neurotics, narcissists, dependent individuals.  In fact, we are talking about sensitivity to fear.  Fear of losing control, fear for your life, fear that there was no support and help.  This problem should be treated with self-awareness, repentance and humility of the Ego.

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10.19262. An empty man.     AR AR

The consciousness of a proud man is a sphere, the density of matter in which depends on the amount of pleasure, power and money available to the proud man.  When a proud person loses something somewhere, it is as if he is empty, losing a part of himself.  It used to be solid, but now it's empty.

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10.18833. A thirst for control.     AR AR

Narcissistic individuals with Obsessive-compulsive syndrome break down or become drug addicts (alcoholics and addicts) when faced with a situation they cannot control.  Since there are many such situations and they are inevitable, it is just a matter of time before this problem occurs.  The loss of control creates a paranoid fear that breaks the person's personality.

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10.18797.     AR AR

In weak and sensual natures, a drop in their self-esteem kills any joy in life, and provokes thoughts of suicide.  It is worth such a person to fall from the height of their illusions or break their glass house, and all ... the unbearable pressure on their loved one will suffocate miserably with their own hands.

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10.11155.     AR AR

PTSD is most easily cured by turning it into post-traumatic growth.

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10.9114.     AR AR

A post-traumatic symptom creates a fear of your own powerlessness and the idea that someone has to save you.  "Should" is violence and pride, so no one is in a hurry to save.  As a result, resentment for the whole world and depression.

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10.9110.     AR AR

A person with a post-traumatic symptom was very scared and offended by the whole world that no one wants to protect him.  Especially this person is offended by close people and the state.

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10.9030. Phobia of the future.     AR AR

PTSD is the fear of fear.  A person experiences an unexpected strong fear or pain, which causes him to experience a panic horror of waiting for a repeat of such a situation.  In fact, we are talking about a phobia of the future.

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10.9017.     AR AR

Post-traumatic stress syndrome.  Fear of fear.  Fear of pain.  Breeds suspiciousness, resentment, and paranoia.

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