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It should be realized that a touchy man is a small child who loves himself, and he uses a woman as a source of his pleasure.  And if this pleasure does not happen, he resents it. 

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All the female traits that usually infuriate men are just intuitive ways to experience a man.  A woman checks whether this man has patience, courage, wisdom, and love.

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Women's love is a metaphor for fire.  The tragedy of a woman's life is that she can't find a man.  Proud men, because of the dichotomous extreme of their thinking, have become either midges burning in the fire of love, or narcissistic nocturnal predators, afraid of love as fire, in fear of losing their freedom.  God needs a man, but where can you find one in the night forest?

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When a man truly loves a woman, it kills the fear in him.  In the absence of fear, a man acquires the ability to grow and expand.  In the absence of fear, a man becomes courageous and joyful.  A woman's empathy allows her to feel what a man feels, and this fills her soul with delight.

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How to recognize a proud man?  He is impatient, impatient, inattentive, unfriendly…

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From cowardice, men can not normally part with a woman, saying "I do not want to", but always tell that they are either unworthy, or they do not like and do not understand.

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The inflated self-esteem generated by complacency is very aggressive and touchy.

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A proud lover who loves not reality, but his illusions, will constantly conflict and try to attract attention to himself, trying to control the object of his love.  A real lover contemplates, gives gifts and is happy.  The false lover tries to manipulate and extract pleasure.  A fake lover reminds me very much of a drug addict who wants to gain control of his drug.

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A man who will not limit and be jealous of a woman is a strong, courageous and wise man.  Cowards and ignoramuses are jealous and petty.

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They do not believe in people, but in people, because initially a person may not have faith in himself.  When there is no self-belief, a person is filled with lies and fear.  However, if you believe in a person, then you can ignite their faith in themselves, and then the fear and lies will die, and the person will be able to perform a miracle.

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A man of courage is by definition an honest, right-minded person and is accompanied by  good luck.  Courage is when there is no fear and doubt, and, therefore, there is faith and love, truth and luck.

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Everyone loves calm people, they feel that there is no fear in them, which means that there is firmness, truth and love.

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Faith is action and movement.  Therefore, experienced people prefer to believe actions rather than words.

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To forgive a man his sins is to love the truth, for the truth is reality.  To love a person as they are is true love.  To love an ideal person, whatever he might be, is pride.

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Script " love me black»  allows a woman to understand whether her man has at least a little bit of real love, which is characterized by patience, courage, wisdom and calm.

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In the absence of self-respect and lack of external recognition, a weak man will seek solace in vices, alcoholism, drug addiction... his character will begin to show aggression, self-love, resentment of the whole world, contempt for others, distrust of people, nihilism and criticism of life.  In fact, all these features of the worldview are characteristic of pride and ignorance.  To combat pride, you need self-restraint, fasting, work, reading, learning, and humility.

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Lovers do not spare time and money to serve their love.  For the proud, it is the opposite, greed and impatience literally burns their soul with fire, causing unimaginable suffering.

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