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The meaning of humility is very similar to the meaning of Shabbat, you need to learn the joy of just being. You are and it is joyful, and everything else does not matter.

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Zero is the joy of being, one is the joy of growth and service.  Ten is the integrity and unity of love.

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Useless work is very useful and joyful, because it saves us from idleness and the crisis of overproduction.

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The last mile is a symbol of truth and love.  The last mile is a balm for souls in love.  Lovers do not notice the clock, so they are ready to rejoice endlessly.

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The essence of patience is not tension or restraint, but joy.  Love wants to be, the longer the process, the more joyous.  Haste and impatience are the absence of love and, therefore, pain.

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The joy of Being connected with the feeling of an infinite moment of love that dies every moment and is reborn every moment.

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Joyfully  Be, but  Be it a process, it is a movement.  Hence, movement is joyous.  Goals help a movement, because they give it an ephemeral meaning. Therefore, goals, desires, and dreams are also joyful and useful.

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Pride craves what is not, and smart people use what is and are very happy with the abundance around them.

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Love is the joy of Being, for love is a moment here and now.  Pride is the hope  (dreams and joy of the future).

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Being is limited and non-being is unlimited, it is a great honor to become a reality.  All forms of reality are equal to each other.

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The most important value of an illusion is to become a reality.  Reality is the highest value for any illusion.  The greatest human folly is to run from reality for illusions.

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God is good because he allows you to kill yourself every second.  God is time.  Your whole life is an act of killing God, and you should be grateful to him for it.  When you die, God gives you life.  Having died for you, God wants you to live and be happy.

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