10.5528.     AR AR

You can't cheat the system, because the system is the truth, and a lie is something that doesn't exist.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.6798.     AR AR

The beauty of this system.  When you have a system, you have love.  Everyone loves beauty.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.8493.     AR AR

Beauty is a kind of fractal system.  The ability to see beauty is the ability to see or feel the system.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.12076. World of units.     AR AR

It is a fallacy to assume that entities are made up of details.  Only broken entities are made up of parts.  Working entities are a single monolith.  To take something from the monolith, you need to destroy it.  The world is a nondeterministic system consisting of monolithic perfect entities.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.14511. Love of truth.     AR AR

Truth is a system, a ritual, a ceremony, a law, a reality, a custom, a plan, a sequence of actions.  To make your goal real, you need the truth.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.17189.     AR AR

The main thing is not the essence, but the episodes, because each episode is a separate system of order, and the whole is chaos and the imposition of many orders. 

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.20542.     AR AR

Creation and destruction are a single process, because the amount of energy in the system is a constant.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.20704.     AR AR

The principle of negation of negation allows you to triple the energy intensity of the system on the initial basis, without changing it.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.21194.     AR AR


Until you define a system, it can remain indefinitely in a state of uncertainty.  On the other hand, the state of certainty is finite, and sooner or later it goes back to the state of uncertainty.


תרגם: NeuronNet


10.21992.     AR AR

The greater the separation of the system within itself, the greater the overall energy intensity of the system.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.22026. A perpetual motion machine.     AR AR

Division of the system automatically generates multiplication of the system outside.  The division of the system is a process of infinite fall, which does not require energy expenditure, but releases energy.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.22138.     AR AR

The situation of stretching space and time is a situation of simultaneous growth of the system in three dimensions.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.22215.     AR AR

What is time?  The process of expanding the past at the expense of energy coming from the future, that is, from outside.  Does the universe grow like this?  Time and space are identical entities, so we can assume that the expansion of the universe occurs in a similar way.  The universe is a system that absorbs energy from the outside, and so expands by dividing into internal forms.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.22284.     AR AR

The point is that you should not just reach critical mass, but increase the size of the system, avoid detonation.  In other words, the system must be restrained.  However, when the system reaches the maximum possible mass, all barriers must be removed and the system  first it will fold under its weight to a point, and then it will explode and a new universe will be created.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.22322.     AR AR

The accumulation of critical mass in the system must occur simultaneously in time and space.  It is not enough to accumulate material entities, you need to accumulate time.  The average critical mass accumulation time for a system to detonate is five years.  The more material accumulated over five years, the stronger the growth will be.

תרגם: NeuronNet


10.22326.     AR AR

Man is something like an emissary of the ideas of non-existence in reality.  Perfection wants to enter the real world through a person.  The system resembles an hourglass, when infinite nothingness tries to fill being with itself.  When  being will overflow and reach a critical mass, it will explode and again turn into nothingness.

תרגם: NeuronNet


3.19.     AR AR

Zero   is   a   lie   but   one   is   a   lie   too.   Truth   is   a   unified   system   of   zeroes   and   ones,   whose   movement   has   a   goal.

תרגם: lushchenko Marina


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